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  1. I absolutely love mine. This is the putter I’ve been looking/waiting for for quite a while. As a lefty, I’ve used Evnroll ER2, ER7, and SC Special Select NP2 and nothing has totally worked for me until this putter. Very happy with my 5.5. I’ll probably just add a little lead tape to take it from D4 to about D7 swing weight.
  2. Can you or anyone confirm exact release date yet? Seen a few different ones out there. Thanks
  3. Ready for the announcement to confirm lefty. I need this.
  4. Man oh man, I hope this comes to fruition.
  5. Did you see Kwok in person for this or just send him a video of you chipping/pitching?
  6. Single one hour lesson. I’ll be there with the entire family, so my wife would kill me if I try for more. I don’t have a limit really on what I’ll spend, just want the best for me.
  7. Thanks. Recommendation from personal experience or feedback from others?
  8. I’ll be in Scottsdale in March/April for a family vacation. I plan on making time for a single lesson while there. I know there are plenty of top instructors to choose from in the area (Stan Utley, Pia Nilsson, Mike Malaska, Lynn Marriott, etc). Who should I choose for just one lesson and why?
  9. New Special Select Newport 2 33in. The head is 283g plus 80g with the current weights so 363g total. If I increase the head weight by about 10g that should get me to D5 swing weight which is what I’m looking for.
  10. Haha. In reality I’d probably just need 45g weights. Trying to get my putter from D0 to about D5 and it already has the 40g weights in it.
  11. Anyone know if they make aftermarket weights heavier than the 40g weights? I’m looking for probably 50g weights to make the head a little heavier. Thanks
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