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  1. Well I have decided to stick with my watch and phone, don't get me wrong the tags are working really well since the last update but I find it easier just to use my watch. It may be because I have been doing it for so long with the watch, but I haven't had a battery issue sine the latest IOS updates so I'm happy to just stick with that. Did a tournament this weekend and wasn't allowed to use tags without explaining a bunch so just used my watch and was happy with just that.... So.... if anyone wants to try them I have a full set of tags with one extra (so 16 intact tags) plus one other, that I have snipped the screw off and used double sided adhesive tape so that I can attach to my counter balanced putter (so 17 tags in total) plus updated link system with cable and one code for one full year of full membership (Already a premium member so never used the code) I'm thinking I will pass it on for $135 CAN or $110 US, which is more than 50% less than what it sells for now, and also a lot less than I paid with the extra tags and shipping, even with the kick starter deal. So if your interested in trying it, you will save big. Will be posting elsewhere as well. Lightly used system Paypal only. Will ship only to US and Canada. Cheers
  2. Well the good news is that they released version2 of the firmware and made some nice improvements... stayed connected whole time I was playing yesterday, didn't fail to tag a single shot, and never shut off. I think above he meant to say 2 rounds not hours and yes it should easily be able to go for two full rounds. Still a little more polish to go but currently no less buggy then say Arccos which has been out for over three years so I think they are doing well. In a few months I'm confident that it will be very hard to beat, just have to remember to get into the habit of tagging each shot as you go. You can always do this later and can even move the shots to approx. locations to where they took place if you forget, but the more you tag the more accurate things will be... I most often forget to tag the putts, and more often then not just use my watch for that.
  3. Haven't really looked at that myself but Golfpad is for Android or IOS, in order to use the TAGS with IOS you need the link system, but otherwise you could use a smart watch or phone and just use the system by itself, and with quite a few Android systems you can just use the phone with the TAGS. So after saying that I have only been using it this system and have had a lot of guys I golf with try it out and almost everyone likes it. One guy preferred Golflogix and went to that instead. What does impress me with them is that they seem to listen when you actually tell them something so if there is something that you would like to see just ask. They do have an online dashboard so to speak where you can log in and check out more details about your stats, but I haven't really dug into it as off yet. And if your not really interested in the TAGS and just want something that works with smartwatches I think theirs works with more brands than any other. Using a golf app on the watch is why I originally bought my apple watch VS the golf GPS watches that are around. I have tried several apps on the watch and I find the golf pad the quickest, easiest and most stable of them all. (Compared to Arccos, Golflogix, Golf Shot, Hole 19 or something and another one but can remember the name). Will keep ya posted as things get updated and hopefully system improves so that it's good and stable, That's why I got rid of my Arccos system as it would just stop tracking shots or lock up so I was checking after every shot to see if it was registering, and was really slow on the watch. This was the first version and not the newer 360, buts sounds like people are having issues with I as well.
  4. Well three rounds with it so far works fairly well little buggy sometimes stops responding but for the most part it works very well hopefully after a few updates and more people are using them will get more steady unit is very small and discreet tag stay in well, they have a little work to do with some of the logic as the satellites seemed to confuse what hole I was on when close to another hole same spot on course for each round so far. Easy to correct and I'm sure they will get it corrected. Easy to tell when shot is recognized. Once I get more in habit of taging it will be even better as sometimes I forgot
  5. Just received the system from the Kickstarter Campaign yesterday and will be heading out for my first round in a few hours, so hoping it all goes smooth. https://golfpadgps.com/link/ Been using the GolfPadGPS app since the spring and pretty impressed with the way it works with the apple watch series 2 and iPhone 7. Was using Golflogix before this and GolfPadGPS certainly is more responsive on the watch and allows you to do more. Yes it does require an annual subscription, but it's not a big deal and they are continually adding features and improving things. Really liking the app so here hoping the link system works as well as it was advertised too... Will post an update later. Also for attaching the tag to a putter grip that is counterbalanced all I did was snip the plastic screw off the tag with some side cutters and used a few pieces of 3M double sided Autobody trim tape to secure it to the end. Seems to hold really well, sits flat, yet can still be removed with a little effort if need be. Tight Lies! TJ
  6. I have been using Golf Pad GPS after using Golflogix for years, but found it laggy and buggy on the watch. Golf Pad GPS works almost perfectly and keep track of almost everything right from the watch. It does require the premium membership but it's pretty cheap and lasts a year. I have also ordered the link system from them (still waiting for it) but looking forward to it. Used to have Arcos as well and I theory seemed like the best choice but it would randomly stop tracking things, so instead of just playing I was spending more time checking to see if shots were tracked etc. I have the apple watch series 2 now as well so battery and speed are really nice. Just thowing a few more options out there... Cheers TJ
  7. Got my replacement and had the defective unit shipped off on the 28th, super fast response and turn around, thanks to all at Skypro for great Customer service!
  8. I have been quietly sitting back using my skypro and reading comment in this thread for months now, but today I had to take a few minutes to comment on Gord and the staff at Skypro. The customer service these guys are giving is absolutely fantastic. I have really enjoyed using my skypro from the day I purchased the unit and it's been helping me improve my swing consistently. But my unit (one of the first in Regina) started to show the tell tale signs of the first generation of units with the weakened seam that holds the two halves together, so I stopped using it before it broke apart and sent Gord an email to inquire about it. Well in less than 5 hours from the first email I sent to Gord inquiring about weather I should crazy glue it, or tighten the screw etc. they have a replacement on it's way to me. VERY IMPRESSED A lot of companies could learn a thing or two from these guys, and I wish more companies stood behind their products like these guys do. Love the app, love the updates, and even more love the way they listen to customers for ideas and implement those ideas into the software. The skypro in my opinion is by far the best swing analyzer that a person could buy for personal use. I look forward to the next update, and really appreciate the service guys. AWSOME Todd
  9. OK swings have uploaded to beta site but clubs are different from what is on my phone. data looks pretty neat but something's a bit wonky..... TJ
  10. Just wondering how long it takes the swings to synch up.... finally getting out to the range, but have almost 200 swings in the app, but only 11 have shown up on the beta site.... Is their a way to force them to synch? TJ
  11. Thanks Adam just signed up, looking forward to it!
  12. Doesn't look like you can delete the demo swings yet, but I'm sure they will address that in an update, so far loving it. Already helping me with my slice, had a tendency to swing from out to in and in some cases by a lot, now consciously watch for that and things have straightened out by a good margin.
  13. Thanks for the continued updates Gord, really appreciate it
  14. Just picked up a skypro, mainly due to the feedback of this forum and the constant improvements and additions getting mentioned in this forum. I actually had the 3bays unit and returned an exchanged for te skypro. Really looking forward to using it more and improving my swing. Thanks for all of the help and really looking forward to this golf season. Todd
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