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  1. I’m not sure anyone can answer what Ping seems to be doing with their model lineup at this time. Maybe because they replace the iblade but thats just a guess. Finally got to check these out. Look really nice and all but that really is a lot of coin. If would be giving them a hard look if I didn’t just pick up a set of jpx sel for a great price.
  2. Mine was scratched at the top of the legs above the attached stand mechanism so I would have had to split the heat shrink and not sure how that would have worked. It’s not perfect but the silver showing through the black was pretty noticeable and I just wanted to cover it up. I’ve also been known to change bags every couple years and so I’ll sell the old one and it helps keep it in better shape.
  3. No other reason other than it looks like crap when black legs are scratched to hell. I use my bag to walk and in a pushcart.
  4. This is what I do. I looked at my old bag and just wrapped the new legs with electrical tape where they were scratched on the old bag. Just make sure you use good tape.
  5. The sales rep does not deal with that stuff because it’s not his job. Ping has a separate department for that. But he could have told you that or at least your dealer should have known that. https://ping.com/en-us/club-repair
  6. This is what I use. https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-head-tac-syringe/p/gw0035/
  7. Most players can learn to adapt to most grinds or even bounce. I find it matters most when under stress of competition and players tend to revert to whatever technique comes naturally.
  8. On the broadcast they mentioned he brought nine putters this week. It’s awesome you got pics.
  9. I’ve played the bxs since it was the 330s and it hasn’t changed much since at least 2012. The whole designed for Tiger thing is definitely blown out of proportion.
  10. Driver - 68g x flex 3 wood - 75g x flex 5 wood - 86g x flex
  11. https://www.thelines.com/jon-rahm-covid-bets-payouts-circa-sports-2021/
  12. Steel prices are up 150% in the last twelve months. They also sell most of their shafts to oems. They aren’t going to pay double.
  13. I’m guessing steel prices probably have something to do with it.
  14. I only wear footjoy socks. I have the pro dry for my daily sock and use the techsof for golf, the gym or anything I’ll be on my feet all day. Mine have held up great for a couple years but I have probably 40 pair that I rotate through. I always buy them on sale.
  15. https://proschoicegolfshafts.com/tour-ad-quattro-tech-shafts/
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