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  1. Feel wise the vr is most likely going to be the best match. Both have the fast taper technology. I would start with the 6s.
  2. As stated the xc is both softer in the handle and has a lower bend point than a whiteboard. To me this was the only GD shaft I couldn’t play in my driver. Just didn’t like the feel. The gp or bb will feel probably feel the closest but has one has slightly firmer handle and both have a lower bend point.
  3. I don’t really have any rhyme or reason usually. Just whatever I feel like playing. I built custom wood displays for them so they spend most of their time in my living room. I like the different colors and fabrics.
  4. I putted right handed for several years. I was great inside 10 feet but my sped control was lacking on longer lag putts.
  5. Here are a few of my combinations. I mix and match as the mood strikes. Head covers are from Seamus. I don’t know why it’s upside down.
  6. It would be interesting to use a xrf gun on some of these alloys used in putters and see exactly how much difference there really is.
  7. I just want to know where this guy learned how to take pictures.
  8. Because they all get stiffer as you go up in weight it’s pretty rare to fit into the same model shaft for all your woods unless you play the same weight. This is also why they make so many similar profiles since they do a great job of varying stiffness and feel but it’s also sucks because the only way to know is to hit them.
  9. Yes that is also true about being slightly oversized. I play with a buddy and we will hit each other’s clubs and the difference between my standard microperfs and his ndmc is definitely noticeable.
  10. The biggest difference on leather grips is most of them are reduced taper (best grips more so than gripmaster) and for some people that just doesn’t work. Otherwise there are so many different types of leather grips that you can usually find one you like.
  11. I’m having trouble telling about that one after looking closely. I agree the fonts just look off. The new ones do have model numbers on the butt and stickers but they are often cut off when cut to length. They have gotten quite sloppy on their graphics. I think all of mine are crooked unless they do it intentionally now for some reason.
  12. Good enough for me. I’ve never tried to quantify dispersion. To me dispersion is all about the swing and the shaft is just meant to sync up timing.
  13. The hd will swing a little different then the gp because of the softer handle but I gained a bit of distance with the hd.
  14. No neither were tipped. I’m a low spin player with a neutral aoa. Tipping is detrimental to my game.
  15. I ordered something via fedex on 11/20 and it was delivered this morning. It’s not just usps.
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