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  1. Hi, Does anyone know the required shaft tip size of a 2007ish Callaway 460 Big Bertha Driver? (I can´t open the golfsmith chart as I live in the UK) Many Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I'm fitting a .350 version of the above into a Ping G20 driver head. Does anyone know the trimming instructions for reg and for stiff? (I'm in the UK so I can't look at a lot of US sites for instuctions) Many thanks in advance
  3. I don't quite get this new LR. If a straight par 5 has 220yds of rough (longer than fairway length grass) before the fairway starts and i hook my drive 200yds slightly left and loose the ball, how would I be able to define the drop area without any fairway that's not nearer the hole?
  4. Hi, does anyone know the tip diameter of the above? I would usually look here: http://www.golfworks....asp_Q_ai_E_376 but they've geo restricted the site for some reason. The full spec is: Adams Speedline Super S vst fairway 15 deg 3 wood with a regular HD matrix radix S VI shaft
  5. I bought a 56 degree CBX with a custom light shaft 2 degrees upright, mid grip. I was just as rubbish with it as I am with all non set type wedges. It felt hardly any different to a standard Cleveland wedge, Another dose of me falling for the hype!
  6. I've got Limitus in both big toes. Through trial and error I've found the following things help: Try all of the below, in order of importance. 1. Bigger shoes (esp width) 2. Reverse Morten insoles (just cut out usual insole below entire big toe) 3. Toe spacer between big toe and next one to stop your big toe turning in and becoming a bunion (this happens quickly if not addressed). 4. Wear an arch support. After 6 months of the above my limitus has kind of died down and is much more comfortable. Hope this helps
  7. How do YOU avoid thins and fats? Does anyone play with their dominant hand as their front hand and if so, do you have any specific tips? (I'm starting to think this may be my problem). All the best
  8. Hi Sardi. I had the Garmin Truswing (and the matching S20 watch). It was next to useless,the data was so inaccurate. It would routinely say I'd come from the inside with an open Face but I'd get a ball flight completely at odds with that. I had it connected correctly and Garmin said the unit wasn't faulty. It's a pity, because the watch and Truswing worked beautifully apart from this.
  9. OP, Can we see some proper close up pictures of the clubs etc? Looks like buy of the century to me ?
  10. Thank you for that sir! I expect it makes the manufacturers a fortune in premature club replacement :)
  11. Hi, My Itsy Bitsy's alignment lines faded, so I created a new white line with nail polish. The edges of the line weren't very neat so I use electrical tape to sharpen up the edge of the line. Can I legally use the putter like this in tournament play? While we're at it, can I put electrical tape on the crown of my white 5 wood to protect it from sky marks in tournament play? Many thanks in advance!
  12. wmathias

    Golf Sixes

    Interesting golf format. Could be good. The presentation is exactly what I'm trying to get away from by watching golf in the first place.
  13. Honestly, I won't use the site anymore if the browsing stays the same on my phone ?
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