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  1. Project X LS 6.0 4-PW - $295 OBRO shipped CONUS KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype 85 S+ (Ping G410 3H length) - $100 OBRO shipped CONUS Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 50/54/60 Wedge Shafts - $90 OBRO shipped CONUS SOLD PX iron shafts are standard Srixon Z785 length and the TI S400s wedge shafts are standard RTX ZipCore lengths. Feel free to post any questions in the thread and message me if you’re ready to buy. Thanks for looking! pin 4/7
  2. Ahh right. Stock length for the Ping was 40.25" and it's 40.5" for the Callaway, and cleaning up the KBS looks like it would take at least an inch of tipping to clean up that nonsense. Probably just gonna charge this one to the club ho game and keep it moving!
  3. Good call on the shrink tubing, I may give that a shot!
  4. No it definitely wasn't chipped, and that is what frustrated me the most. Once my new hybrid arrives I'm going to check the playing length against the stock shaft, but this thing is more than likely not going to get used.
  5. I didn't have the adapter ahead of time so I didn't, but comparing them side by side after the fact, the Ping looked to be around 1/4" longer. And the change is bend characteristics is why I'm not trying to go the tipping route so I may be SOL unless I want to play it as is.
  6. For sure, I expected a little prep to be showing, but this looks incredibly sloppy. Not the end of the world and more annoying than anything, and I'm just trying see if it's worth salvaging cause I'm too OCD to use it like this.
  7. I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve had plenty of club work done so I believe I have a good feel for what’s normal. That said, I got this back from a shop that will remain unnamed and I’m not particularly happy with it. I went back to said shop today and got told it was ‘normal’ and that there’s nothing that can be done about it. The shaft is a KBS Tour Hybrid Proto (not tipped) and I went from a G410 adapter to a Callaway hybrid adapter. I’m guessing my only option is to tip it and have it extended, but I wanted to toss this post up to see if there’s a more cost effectiv
  8. Ping G410 3H (40.25”) with KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype 95 X - $175 OBRO shipped CONUS SOLD Ping G410 4H (39.75”) with KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype 85 S+ - $175 OBRO shipped CONUS SOLD Golf Works G410 13g FW/Hybrid Weight (stock hybrid weight is 10g, FW is 7g) - $20 OBRO shipped CONUS SOLD Billy Bob’s Golf G410 FW/Hybrid 11g Tungsten Weight (stock hybrid weight is 10g, FW is 7g) - $20 OBRO shipped CONUS Billy Bob’s Golf 17g SIM Back Weight (stock weight is 11g) - $20 OBRO shipped CONUS Both hybrids are in great shape, and show the usual sig
  9. TaylorMade SIM2 Ti 3W - $300 OBRO shipped CONUS SOLD Used two rounds and is in excellent condition. Please post any questions in the thread and message me if you’re ready to buy. Thanks for looking!
  10. Looking for a SIM2 Max 9° head. Message me if you have one you’re willing to sell!
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