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  1. I had a Matador on a Byron for a while ?
  2. Rubbery. Will be similar if not slightly softer than the jumbo deep etch. It has a little cross hatching texture in the front that feels softer and the back is very similar to the deep etch.
  3. Square version is a great suggestion for the flat sides ?
  4. I like the Lamkin sink rounded 13” Not sure if they’re offered by Lamkin anymore but you can find them on eBay. It’s pretty heavy but checks a lot of your boxes. Not an expensive grip which is nice if it doesn’t make the cut.
  5. I emailed the other day asking when the “tuxedo” Major might be coming to retail. June or July on that colorway. Not sure on other colors but I did get a quick response from True if anyone wanted to ask.
  6. Here’s a thread - http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1282222-tei3-newport-long-neck-refinish/page__fromsearch__1 And some pics. This was with a matte finish on the insert:
  7. I had a long neck done a while back. I’ve since sold it but I’ll dig up some pics.
  8. Wonder if the broom could be modified to arm lock?
  9. Pretty certain I came across it earlier. For the sake of getting that story out quicker this is the beauty here no?
  10. Think Byron was being cheeky with the near “GSS” stamping here? I’ve always wondered ?
  11. Byron Morgan 007 Byron Morgan Bombora Bettinardi BB28 raw Bettinardi Signature 7
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