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  1. I went for a comprehensive iron fitting with my Pro in February over two sessions. Was coming out of JPX825 stiff lightweight steel shafts. Tried Titliest 200 which were nice, tried SIM2 or Max, and p790 and mavrik. Wasn't really hitting any of them as well as my 8-9 year old irons until he brought out the Apex DCB. Went through a series of steel then graphite options, settled on a tensei graphite, ordered the set adjusted for loft/lie and with the grips I like. System said 2 weeks but with supply chain issues they just showed up with Dart75 shafts with a note I could send them back but t
  2. My Dad has one in the 1980's, it was a goofy decision then and today
  3. It depends on from where you are trying to improve from. If a 20 wants to become a 12 that is eliminating big holes and for that it's keeping it in play 14 times off the tee and making bogeys instead of doubles or worse.
  4. I'm a lover the GI Callaway hybrids. I play X2Hots that are 7-8 years old, my wife plays XR's that are probably 5-6 years old. Forgiving, long and can be found used on callaway preowned.
  5. I did a longtime ago, but found I almost never hit the 2 so I ditched it and put it a 60.
  6. My index is 10.2, new system is keeping it down would probably play to about 12 and I put old faithful back in my bag last year, Callaway Xhot
  7. I am an 8 who can only drive the ball a tad over 200 yards and I only play GI irons. I will never understand why people always want to make the as hard as possible. Just traded in a set of JPX825 on a set of Apex DCB with grphite shafts and man are they sweet. Less pain after a round and pretty much identical distances and the little working the ball that I do is perfect. Look down at them, take a few 3/4 swings then hit some shots. The clubs sort of choose you
  8. 52* Cleveland CBX from full shot at about 95 yards to chipping around the green 90% of the time. Been a one club around the green guy except on super hilly courses since I was about 12.
  9. I keep a spare bag I could set up for a visitor like my Son. Ping RApture or Cobra Ampcell Driver Callaway 815 3W 2 Cobra hybrids Jpx800 4-GW 6-8 putters couple of expired wedge sets
  10. Based on your clubhead speed you could make it easier on yourself by adding loft at the top of your bag
  11. I think it depends on the course. My current course which is on the Canadian Prairie it took me three rounds to take out the 60. I do 90+% of the shots from 95 yards in with a 52* Cleveland CBX, I carry a sand wedge, a 56* TMAG ATV. My previous course had major mounding around the greens so I needed the 60 maybe once or twice a round.
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