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  1. I've owned and played around with about a dozen, but realistically, I've only played 4 regularly over the past 40 years
  2. I went from JPX825(after playing 800's) this winter to Apex DCB. Also went from stiff steel to reg graphite so a real change. Took maybe 10 games to get distances down, they weren't longer but are incredible straight and easy too flight up and down. I had tried lots of irons since picking up the JPX800s around 2010 and hit nothing better including the newer JPX irons until my pro suggested these while I was going through a fitting with him. We started with steel then when I tried the graphite it clicked for me. Apex series feel terrific, you might prefer the less offset version. I am extremely happy.
  3. I went through the process of custom fitting irons for the 2nd time. First time was around 2005 and it was a Ping Factory rep and it was pretty much just a couple of different G5 or G2 irons, black or blue dot, reg or stiff and it went very poorly to the point 1 1/2 seasons later I was afraid to swing hard swapped the clubs during a round at the turn for a stock set. problem solved. This winter used a simulator with our Pro, Hit 6 different heads on 8-9 different shafts, ended up with Callaway Apex DCB with the Dart 75 R shaft. Actually ordered Tensei shafts that went on backorder. Hit them well early was having trouble with distances. Took me about 15 game to adjust to the graphite shafts coming out of stiffish steel. Last month has been terrific, maybe the best ball striking stretch I have had in years. Poser shot after poser shot and I am able to flight the ball up and down. Custom fitting depends on the willingness of the participant to trust the fitter and the fitters ability to read the client and get the right sticks in his or her hands.
  4. I see guys who are pretty good players playing with filthy wedges all the time. They put grooves on them for a reason, I used to hit a PW 135-140 and crazy high. I have adjusted how hard I swing all my shorter clubs, say 8 iron down to be a bit more precise. We have a 110-135 yards par3 with water in front on our course that is almost always into the wind which sometimes on the prairie can be very strong. I watch young guys swing harder and hit the ball super high and have the ball coming back to us in the wind, I will take 2 extra clubs, just kind of bunt it under the wind and almost always walk off with a boring par.
  5. Worth noting, I am 58 and not a long hitter. A good drive for me is 225 or so and off the tee the 3W is about 210 or so. Reading the whole thread it appears to be a debate amongst high swing speed players. I can pick a side of the fairway far more reliably with my 3W than with a driver.
  6. I hit 3W anywhere from 3-6 times a game off the tee. For quite a while I used a Cobra CompEz 13*, today it's an almost 10 year old Callaway XHot. I often hit it into the wind, less sidespin a bit more backspin keeps the ball in play better. I also hit it when one side of the fairway vs the other gives you a big advantage. I am thinking hard about a 13.5* Epic Max, I only hit my 3W off the ground under very favourable circumstances as I can hit a low running shot with my 3H.
  7. That's pretty beat up, I wouldn't pay $200
  8. Just my driver which has only been adjusted once.
  9. I did it for the past 7-8 years until this winter. I used to be constantly looking for the next piece of equipment that would solve all my issues and one day I was brouseing my handicap history and realized I had spent thousands of dollars over a 5 year period and my index was exactly the same. From 2015 to this year all I did was change my primary chipping club. This year I figured it had been long enough there might actually be an improvement. I got fit for new irons and bought a new driver. Both have improved my game and helped me feel better physically(graphite shafts and regular shafts). CAn't figure out how to update my signature but I am now playing BB21 10.5 driver with the regular smoke shaft, Apex DCB 75 gr Dart reg shafts 2*up +1/2" and am contemplating a Epic max 3W demo.
  10. I hit mine at least 4 sometimes up to 6-7 times a round. After driver, putter and primary chipping club it's right there as my most used club.
  11. 3W's are deeply personal like putters and are really hard to find that suit you. I have owned at least 15 in the past 40 years but really only 4 have qualified as what I consider long term friends. A laminated TnT from the early 80's, a Cobra CompEZ 3+, a Callaway Diablo Edge and now back in my bag a Callaway Xhot from about 2013. In my garage are a Ping Rapture, Cobra Amp Cell and a Callaway BB 815 none of which managed to stick around. I have likely spent more money searching for the perfect 3W than I have on Drivers over the year.
  12. I'm 58, body breaking down a bit, had never played them and was hoping a bit more distance but discovered I like them. No pain in my hands and wrists after a round. Played 3 rounds in 4 days this weekend and felt good afterwards, an unexpected bonus.
  13. DCB's feel terrific, 425 like a plank. I demoed about 12 different irons over the winter and without question the crappiest feeling and performing was the Ping
  14. Saw this thread pop up again so here is an update. I have 15 games on them and am really coming to like them. Distances are good, it's taken a bit to be able to flight them up and down which is probably more the switch to a graphite shaft from steel, they are forgiving and feel fantastic. I am glad I bought them.
  15. How are you hitting them? I bought a set of those over the winter with the Dart 75 shaft. Going from stiff steel JPX825's. They feel a similar length to what I am used to.
  16. MY wife is 5'7" with somewhat large hands for a woman, she has been fitted twice and both times it was -1/2" senior shafts. Womans grip were too small sometimes as well.
  17. I went for a comprehensive iron fitting with my Pro in February over two sessions. Was coming out of JPX825 stiff lightweight steel shafts. Tried Titliest 200 which were nice, tried SIM2 or Max, and p790 and mavrik. Wasn't really hitting any of them as well as my 8-9 year old irons until he brought out the Apex DCB. Went through a series of steel then graphite options, settled on a tensei graphite, ordered the set adjusted for loft/lie and with the grips I like. System said 2 weeks but with supply chain issues they just showed up with Dart75 shafts with a note I could send them back but the tensei is sept maybe. Played 12 games, like them very much. Still learning a bit from heavy rough, distances are about the same as my old ones, getting setup is easy and best of all no pain after a round of golf. The difference in your hands afterwards with mild arthritis is amazing. I like, YMMV
  18. My Dad has one in the 1980's, it was a goofy decision then and today
  19. It depends on from where you are trying to improve from. If a 20 wants to become a 12 that is eliminating big holes and for that it's keeping it in play 14 times off the tee and making bogeys instead of doubles or worse.
  20. I'm a lover the GI Callaway hybrids. I play X2Hots that are 7-8 years old, my wife plays XR's that are probably 5-6 years old. Forgiving, long and can be found used on callaway preowned.
  21. I did a longtime ago, but found I almost never hit the 2 so I ditched it and put it a 60.
  22. My index is 10.2, new system is keeping it down would probably play to about 12 and I put old faithful back in my bag last year, Callaway Xhot
  23. I am an 8 who can only drive the ball a tad over 200 yards and I only play GI irons. I will never understand why people always want to make the as hard as possible. Just traded in a set of JPX825 on a set of Apex DCB with grphite shafts and man are they sweet. Less pain after a round and pretty much identical distances and the little working the ball that I do is perfect. Look down at them, take a few 3/4 swings then hit some shots. The clubs sort of choose you
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