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  1. Wow I find this to be a very fascinating experiment, to go head to head with the AF and Aldila ladies shaft. Thumbs up for attempting it. I've also been reading in the main KHT AF topic, and there are many interesting points there by everyone. I got my AF last week, I have gotten 2 rounds in with the AF, and I too find myself in the "make it work" stage. Not only do I want to know the result of your experiment, but a question that does need to be asked is will the same amount of effort to make it work be put into the Aldila NVS 55 L.
  2. I believe it was Mizuno that created the first titanium driver. But it was Callaway's first titanium big bertha that made everyone else follow.
  3. Will be going down the autoflex rabbit hole with 3 others. All TSi3 head, and we are preparing pre-cut lead tape so we can made adjustments immediately once on the course to tinker with swing weights starting from D2.5 to D0 in increments of 0.5
  4. I have mine at Neutral, -1 loft, core is on Up at the toe section. I agree with Kuchhh that you should place an impact tape and see where your grouping is. Thats where you would want your core position, unless you are looking for a specific flight. My miss is also a hook like Kucchh and I have no problem hitting a draw, so having the core at the heel with setting at Draw definitely makes my ball turn way too much to the left. Also keep in mind for the 816 DBD with stamped loft of 9 degrees, the actual loft is 10.2 degrees.
  5. For shafts, absolutely not. Don't care what they look like. When standing over the ball the shaft is just a blur anyways. For the club head, I try to tell myself not to be affected by looks, and usually I don't, but there were some that I just refused to even try, like the Nike Sumo square driver.
  6. I've been using the GP 6x since October 2015 on my Callaway 816 DBD. This is my first Tour AD shaft and my 2 previous shafts are the Diamana B and Kurokage XT Prototype. Compared to the 2 Mitsubishi Rayon shafts, I would say the GP is the lowest launching of them. Maybe it's an unfair comparison because at the time I was using the B series on a Titleist 913 D2, and the Kurokage on the Callaway Alpha, but I feel like in terms of total distance, there really is no difference. Only difference is how it got there. Based on what I experienced, the Kurokage relatively out of the 3 had most carry and
  7. The answer is yes or no depending on the player. Because at the end of the day, it's the player that makes the difference on the golf ball. Long term score averages are a reflection/representation of your talent, and not how "good" a ball is, or whatever equipment we want to talk about. An example would be like bowling, which I absolutely suck at. But if a pro bowler walked in and used a house ball, could he still score 250...probably will. You give me a custom ball, I'd still suck. Or lets reverse it, make the ball the constant variable. If you took long term score averages of your own clubs
  8. I have tried the Tour B330 but that was 2 years ago, so I can't speak for the latest. My driver SS is around 116-119, and the first thing I noticed is that the B330 had a tendency to exaggerate the curve/shape of my shots, which I really did not like. For example, if a hit a 5-yard draw with the TM TPx, the B330 would be like a 10-15 yard draw. May be suitable for those who like to shape their shots, but it just wasn't for me. But that wasn't even the worst part. I hated the feel off the putter. It kept being way too short. It's as if you have to be really aggressive with your stroke, give it
  9. Yeah don't expect too much difference on the long shots. Not saying that lower swing speeds can't use it, I just felt you have to absolutely smash it to get the most out of the ball. Specifically for the driver, it reminds me of the SR3. You hit it solid, its LONG. Anything less than solid, and I'm not even talking about a "bad" shot, but just "decent", there seems to be a bigger drop-off in distance. But it's the approach to the green and on it where I felt this ball really stood out.
  10. I agree with you that slower swing speeds will benefit more with the Chrome Soft. Even I gained distance by 1/2 a club with the CS from 6 iron down. I know "feel" when it comes to putting is very subjective, but the CS was my favorite ball off the putter...till I tried the Nike. The reason why CS was never a consideration after trying a dozen is because I was losing 20 yards off the driver compared to the TPx. So despite the 1/2 club increase on irons, I still had to use 1 club more on my 2nd shots.
  11. Every season I like to try a dozen or two of new balls which I assume is in the same category as the ProV1 line. Usually it's not that I am looking for a replacement or "perfect" ball, but it's to satisfy my curiosity and whether the ball lives up to the marketing/hype. I will make a few comparisons to other balls I've used the past year: TM TPx, Titleist ProV1x, Callaway Chrome Soft, Callaway SR3 (all 2015). This is also the first time I'm trying a Nike ball, so I will not be able to compare the 2016 Platinum to Nike balls in the past years. Just some basic info: Currently using: 2015 TM TP
  12. Driver : Golf Pride CP2 Pro 3 wood: Golf Pride MCC Hybrid: Lamkin Crossline ACE 4 - PW: Winn Dry-Tac 52 wedge: Golf Pride MCC 56 wedge: Lamkin Crossline ACE
  13. [quote name='ralph092384' timestamp='1449715400' post='12701478'] Thanks for the info. The name sounded kind of gimmicky which made me hesitant. I'll definitely have to pick one up. Was there a loss in distance compares to a normal sandwedge? I hit my 56 right now about 85-90 yards so would I expect to hit this one less possibly replacing my 60 degree? [/quote] One thing I'll definitely agree with dciccoritti is that I don't open it either. The sole is really big on this club, so opening it would have the leading edge too far off the ground. Maybe just a bit in the bunker, but definitely
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