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  1. I went with the wood shaft (extra stiff), and the bristles are a mix of corn ratan and grass (cut at about 2 degrees flat). In all honesty I’ve been using it for backswing, then able to use it to put on the table, and then sweep through the floor. It is, for me, making this click even more.
  2. Went to Lowe’s today and bought a $15 broom. Got home cut it down to about 44” and shaped the bristles at an angle to sit on the floor better. my 9 yo son says as he walks by, “are you practicing with a broom.” And just keeps going. Best and least expensive golf training tool I’ve ever bought. Now I just need to figure out if I can create a custom ferrule.
  3. Them: What was your most recent golf equipment purchase? me: a broom.
  4. A lot of you have already said it, but this goes great with the no turn cast. The transition and cast a have been my focus for a little while, I think this is going to help me a ton. Headed to the range tonight to try out some of the drills.
  5. For me his videos are so good, so helpful, and have taught me so much about the golf swing this was a no brainer buy. hopefully will start watching this tomorrow.
  6. Thanks everyone for the input. Those responses were exactly what I needed.
  7. so some quick background, i am starting to get back in to golf after a few year hiatus. at my lowest i was probably a 18 handicap and have taken a few lessons in the past. i am committed to getting back in to it, and getting better. i have been searching for a place to find instruction and searching through here i came across Monte's videos. i purchased his drive 4 dough video which i am going through and love it. i really get the instruction and it makes sense to me so i purchased the other videos also. my question is, is there an order i should go through them? i am not looking for a quick fix, i am in no rush and i am willing to put in the time. i would like to produce a good and reproducible swing. currently, my ball striking is very inconsistent from hitting behind the ball, to thin shots, to a great contact with a draw. i am not trying to muddy the water by searching for other information because i like the delivery of the information by Monte and think i am going to give this way a try. Any guidance is much appreciated, thanks.
  8. handdoc

    round grips

    Edel offers a round putter grip. They have 2 sizes a standard and a slim. The standard is much larger than a standard grip, but I wouldn’t call it jumbo.
  9. my first though when reading all of these comments was who is gal gadot. trust me i am not rushing out to drop that kind of money on a full set of blueprints or blades. i have way to much practice and work to do to get to that point. i also know it is not the club when it all goes wrong. knowing where i started golf from (18 and my first two swings i threw the club further then the ball) to hitting a blade consistently with a nice draw yesterday really was just awesome for me. maybe i'll buy a 1 iron  sadly i am not making any tour ever. for me its just the challenge. i will say, i am really enjoying these iron comparisons to girlfriends, wives, etc. thanks for all the comments and feedback
  10. Quick background... I’ve been away from golf for a hot minute or at least a few years. At my best I was around a 16-18 handicap and I’ve always played the ping G series irons. i have been back practicing and making great contact with the ball. I’ve always loved the look of blades so I bought a single ping blueprint 7 iron to try out and to practice with. Today I took her out for her maiden voyage. by the end of my practice session all I could say is wow. You can feel a pure strike, and when you do that feeling was addicting. am I rushing out to buy a full set, no. But I won’t lie and tell you I don’t want to.. I literally could of spent all day hitting the same shot with how good it felt and the way the ball moved. I now understand what everyone talks about with a forged club thanks for reading, the dog, kids, and wife didn’t seem to interested when I shared my excitement. So I needed to tell someone
  11. Ask for a rain hood... simple solution to a simple question. Thanks for that information, I had no idea.
  12. What, if anything, does everyone with a Mackenzie walker use for a rain hood. I’m looking at getting a ballistic nylon for an everyday bag for home and travel and was curious what everyone does in case of rain. appreciate any and all guidance
  13. try 5A5 in san francisco. some of the best restaurants in the country are there, but not necessarily steakhouses.
  14. hopefully i will have a pic soon... i just ordered my first byron last week. now the hardest part... waiting.
  15. handdoc

    Need Help

    scotty vs redwoodso i'm buying new clubs this friday. and what the hell, i am figuring while i'm there why not get a new putter too. what would you do... scotty (likely studio, maybe circa) or a ping redwood (anser). i've been researching, reading reviews... but does anyone have any current advice. are either coming out with newer models, and i should wait.
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