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  1. I'm heading out for the first time this season on Saturday. I live in the city, so I can play north, south or west. Which courses are in the best shape (at least for this time of year)?
  2. I played Dubsdread for the first time yesterday morning. We went off at 7:20 and, all said, I was pretty impressed. We played from the whites (approx 6400), based on the course's reputation and Mickelson's comments from a few years back (we're also mid to high handicappers). Anyway, the course is in great shape and very well manicured (rough, greens, bunkers were all in top shape). Certainly on the level of a private club in terms of course condition. I found the design/layout to be very solid as well. Good mix of holes, solid use of undulation, tough but fair, etc. The only downsides were the price of admission (a steep $155) and the pace of play. The round took about 4 hours 45 minutes, and we had to wait a bit on some holes. It was high time on Saturday morning though, so we kind of asked for it. Long story short, Dubs has my endorsement -- just look the other way when they swipe your card in the pro shop. I'm not going to play there weekly, but I'm glad to have played it once (and counting).
  3. A few more clues in this interview with the STP: http://golfunfiltered.com/exclusive-interview-with-twitters-secret-tour-pro-2015-08-06 My money is on Ogilvy or Matt Jones. Both are Aussies, play for Titleist, and have won within the last two years.
  4. [quote name='Golfingfanatic' timestamp='1414045868' post='10337145'] Matchplay either single or foursome. [/quote] Agreed. Simple, classic, and fosters good competition. Can't go wrong.
  5. I'm moving into a new office space next month, and it looks like we'll have an extra empty interior office. I'm planning on using this office as a "practice facility" for putting. Does anybody have any recommendations for the putting green/practice device that I purchase for this room? Doesn't have to be top of the line. Just serviceable. All input is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Logo aside, Old Elm is outstanding. Probably my all time favorite course/club.
  7. Anybody been out at Winnetka GC recently? Is it in good shape? Haven't played there in years, but I'm slated for a round this coming week.
  8. I'm a golfer from Chicago, and I'm heading to Palm Springs the first weekend in October. I'm looking for a public course in the area that won't break the bank too badly (looking to keep the green fee around $100 or so). I'll be playing with mid to high handicappers, so I don't need a course that's too long or challenging. Just hoping for a nice layout that's well-maintained. If you have any spots in mind that fit the bill, I would certainly appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.
  9. Gotta go with the trophy on the heel of the face, though it's a great looking weapon all around.
  10. Venturing out of town this weekend for a wedding in Cleveland for one of my wife's friends. Managed to finagle my way into an invite at Beechmont Country Club for a round on Saturday. Not exactly a local track in Chicago, but certainly looking forward to teeing it up. Also, played Glencoe last Sunday. Pretty good condition, very respectable pace (finished in just over 4hrs), and we drew a beautiful day. Parred 18 to halve a match as well. If you haven't been, Glencoe is worth a look.
  11. Solid interview. Definitely have a new respect for Lanny. Loved hearing all of his stories from back in the day. The Arnold Palmer "emergency 9" story was hilarious.
  12. Lame... and this is from a Boston boy! Big Papi, how about this one from the Boston area? Myopia Hunt Club, South Hamilton, MA
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