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  1. Just one item today, Titleist T100 irons. 4-p, 1* upright, standard loft and length. Custom bb&f co ferrules with matching color scheme. These have been gamed for 15 ish rounds and have been well taken care of. The single iron face pictured below is the 7i and has the most wear. conus only, $old obo to your door. If asking price is met I’ll include the masters putter cover pictured below.
  2. Got the green carbon set and the impressive cover otw. Stoked!
  3. Same thing has happened to me last few times, i get put in a checkout line, then apple pay pops up to pay, and then disappears and back into line for eternity. I have never been successful when put in line like that, but apparently others have.
  4. Wow congrats! I have heard many times people saying their first swag purchase was a special. Surely it’s just a coincidence, right?? Or is that how they hook you? I am 0 for about 5 on specials, although I have a COTM membership and am optimistic I’ll get lucky at some point! E it her way, the anticipation is part of the fun.
  5. Yeah i agree today's drop was really cool. The dripping skulls look great. Much better than last WM cover. I stumbled across a 1 of 75 lime and bolt cover recently, looks somewhat similar to what today's release special looks like...
  6. I missed it too...i was put "in line" waiting for checkout for the mallet cover. Apple pay opened for me to pay, and then it disappeared...and I was put back in line for....ev....er..... Frustrating not landing them...but if you really want one I'm sure you can pick one up on the facebook BST group in the next few weeks.
  7. One of the best holiday movies of all time..... https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099785/
  8. Good morning golfers! Just a few things up for grabs today. Prices include shipping and paypal fees. Open to reasonable offers. No real trade interest unless you have a 18* driving iron with an X stiff shaft. Always happy to send additional photos or answer any questions you have. Thanks for looking. 1. Honma Tr20V irons, +1/2" in length, standard loft and lie. Please note the 10 iron (pitching wedge) is actually the TR20P model. Clubs bought brand new last year and used 1/2 a season. Modus 105 stiff shafts, clubs are in very nice condition. $old 2. Stitch Ballyhac
  9. I have had decent luck with using safari on my iPhone with Apple Pay. Have you tried that?
  10. I am in NC and haven't seen anyone else gaming swag. I got a handsome too carbon in the raw about a year ago, gamed it for 8 months or so and sold it. I actually got it on the BST here as a partial trade. It was brand new. I really had no idea about swag at that time. It's surprising to me that it seems like Swag items don't seem to be as popular on this forum as some of the others i've run across. Where do you guys buy/sell/trade your swag items? I joined the swag golf enthusiast facebook group. Anywhere else? I am also curious as to what drives prices on certain cove
  11. Anybody get lucky with the putter today? I've tried each day since this started and the only thing i've been able to get is a T shirt.
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