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  1. Is the sight dot milled and filled or just a superficially painted dot? Hard to tell from the pics. Great looking putter!
  2. Sadly yes. I almost wish there was never a direct flight into SFO because MRY through Denver is how I was leaning months ago when we booked our airfare! Got overruled by the group... "direct is so much faster, even with the drive, risk of lost baggage on connection, etc." And here we are, connecting anyways. If it were just me, I wholeheartedly agree and would play it anyways, but to most of the guys in the group it would just be insult to injury, an a**-kicking administered on punched greens. I don't know if they would be able to appreciate the architectural
  3. OP, I'm sure you're probably aware but please take care and use a respirator when performing any restoration process on these clubs that involves removing material i.e. filing/sanding/blasting etc. Beryllium is a heavy metal, a known carcinogen, and harmful when inhaled. I believe this is why Ping doesn't work on any BeCu clubs anymore.
  4. Yeah, I agree. The other stuff sounds great for someone a bit more local that would benefit from repeat visits but unfortunately that's not the case here. I thought @MackDaddy480 post indicated I missed a key benefit of the NCGA membership but really those benefits are associated with the Poppy Club. That sundae looks unreal! @PJE I think that's what we're leaning towards. I'm a fan of getting out of SF as soon as possible since I feel like the later in the day we stay the worse it's going to get. As I said before I feel the best route is just trying to catch 9 hole
  5. Really? I've never heard of this... can you point me to something on the website etc. that confirms it?
  6. @aloha b. @jvincent Thanks for the tips guys, if we end up getting on HMB we'll definitely use that detour. I had overlooked Quail Lodge, which looks pretty nice after checking it out. I think on the road by 12:30 is probably best case scenario given touchdown is scheduled for 11:40ish and I'm now having nightmares about baggage claim given our tight connection in ORD. *shudder* Honestly, just taking in 9 might be the best bet just to ease the group into it. 5 full rounds in 4 days is a LOT of golf for a few guys in this group (probably myself included!), but in the
  7. Here's my take - either way I'm in the HoF, my family is financially set for life multiple generations down, and I can be proud of what I've accomplished professionally and personally (i.e. neither player had any lingering regrets on the course nor personal scandals off of it). But Zach gets to go back to Augusta every year. For the rest of his life. That's my guy.
  8. UPDATE So with all the lack of air travel our direct flight (CLE to SFO) now connects in Chicago (ORD), which means we arrive in SFO just before noon instead of just after 9... so Poppy on the day of arrival is now out. We were able to rebook (barely!) afternoon tee times on Saturday so our itinerary is now: Wednesday - Arrive in SFO 11:40 - Golf TBD (see below) Thursday - Spanish Bay 1:10 & 1:20 Friday - Pebble 7:40 & 7:50 (yikes!) Saturday - Spyglass 8:10 & 8:20 - Poppy 2:00 & 2:10 (this shoul
  9. Hmmm, interesting question OP. Not really sure what you're asking but here is my take. Sound is indicative of feel, but doesn't control it. Deeper milling and softer materials and/or inserts have a softer feel and results in a more muted sound; conversely harder materials, finer milling patterns, and features like beaching/sound slots make for firmer feel and a "clickier", louder sound. I think over time you can associate the usual sound with the feel of the putter, but the sound doesn't control feel or distance. IMO it is just a simultaneous byproduct of the build
  10. Also interested by this comment. I assumed it would be the other way 'round due to putter shafts experiencing minimal load by comparison. I'd wager that in a blind test, without comparing step profile (if applicable), most players wouldn't discern any noticeable difference in feel between a stock 35" putter vs. a 34" extended 1". Also, IMO preservation of resale value is not that big of a consideration for an OTR Cameron, as far as keeping the original shaft unmodified goes.
  11. I have a group of 8 guys going in October and we had an extra day needed to fill so I booked Poppy Hills. You need to have one NCGA member per foursome; I tried to book both and they said they could only do one at the guest rates with just a single member. However, they were kind enough to hold/block the second time so that one of our other guys could join NCGA and book the time proper.
  12. Thank you all for the clarification on the NCGA rates. We're definitely going to book PH for the Wed afternoon. Duffer, it looks like SFO is the best option due to direct flights in and out. I'd like to skip the long drive but it's just not going to happen. We get in right around 9am so after arranging transport we should be able to get down to the course by 1:30ish at the latest, which should still get us in by sunset I'm hoping.
  13. Good to know; I think we'll just stick with the times we have. With 2 groups I don't want to take the risk of getting blocked out or separated just to save a few bucks (okay, so a lot of bucks but it's still too risky IMO!). What I'm still unsure of is if we can book at PH with a single NCGA membership (or 2, so 1 per group) and still get the discount for all players. If nobody here knows I can break down and call the golf shop and actually talk to a person... oh the humanity! :D
  14. Yes, please - on both the Duke's compatibility as well as dining/drinking rec's! Also - based on Vincent's input above - I've boiled the Wednesday arrival round down to either Half Moon Bay (flying into SFO), or Poppy Hills (flying into SJC or Monterey). I prefer the latter due to not wanting to burn travel time through the valley from SFO. Do you know if we can join NCGA as non-CA residents, and if so, would we all have to join or can one do so and book/pay for all (like the Duke's guest discount)?
  15. Bah, just found out Pasatiempo is aerifying the last week of September... as much as I'd like to play there and hope for the best, this will be a dealbreaker for the group. Plan B?
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