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  1. I have a Callaway epic speed driver 9°. I have been using the loft setting at -1 and I am interested in getting my ball flight even lower JUST on windy days. Is it possible or advisable to remove and play without the 5 g weight in the back of the club? (I DO recognize that the ideal solution is custom fitting in a simulator to optimize ball flight, But I’m still looking for an answer to this question.) Thanks
  2. 45 year old, 7 hcp. I had almost 10 rounds in a row over a 10 differential (mostly do to missing drives left) and decided to try playing a fade with driver. I changed only set up, bit weaker grip, bit open face, open stance and swing along feet. First round with it shot 77, so will keep it going. My club head speed is 93 with R flex 9 degree Epic speed driver and last time on launch monitor (hitting draw) my spin and launch numbers were pretty optimized relative to speed. Distance with fade is about 225 total, vs 235 with draw (if I found fairway). My question is: I noted that the ball is launching much higher with the fade and roll is pretty limited, also curve is a bit more than ideal. Suspect spin is high. Is there an an easy fix to dialing this in a bit? Need to get back to launch monitor with a pro? Thanks!
  3. Bumping. Headed to Carolina Beach next week, time for one round. any tips? Thanks
  4. OP here. saw Stitch SL2 on sale for about $250 for Memorial Day and went for it. Appreciate the thoughts and info here.
  5. That’s what I’m looking at VS stitch SL2
  6. The caddy who swapped it out said OGIO stands for “oh god, it’s overweight”
  7. Yes, I empty it out before a caddy round.
  8. Going to Bandon this summer, 4 days, many rounds, with caddies. will they shun my current OGIO hybrid stand bag? It’s not that heavy but last time I had a caddy he pulled all my s*** out and put it in a lighter bag. I know to empty out as much as possible before round. bag is similar to photo thanks
  9. Thanks all. learned a lot. now to go out and shoot some negative differential rounds to apply all this
  10. Sorry, meant to say beat course rating
  11. I don’t doubt this is correct but the reason this confuses me is that if two players beat the differential by 10 shots on two different courses, while both will post a negative differential, the player who did it on the HIGHER slope course will post a negative differential of SMALLER magnitude, seemingly representing a round of lower skill. am I making any sense?
  12. My buddies and I were trying to figure out what the differential would be for a 63 at the Byron Nelson yesterday. the course rating is 77.5 slope is 147 so 63-77.5 = -14.5 now, would you multiply that by 113/147 OR by 147/113 ??? Seems to me that it makes sense to multiply by 147/113 to make the negative differential even bigger, representing the harder course with a big slope, but I also know I am probably wrong for some reason I don’t understand...maybe the fact that the difficulty is already cooked into the course rating and the slope is designed to make adjustments related to weaker players?
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