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  1. 45 yo, 7 handicap. 5-11, 160. Club head speed w driver is 90, spin numbers and launch were ok last time I was on a monitor but I don’t know the values exactly (I think around 13 and 2500). Carry distance is about 220. Currently playing a GBB Epic, 9 deg, stock shaft, reg flex. Very consistent, lots of fairways. looking at new drivers as current is 4-5 years old and beat up. It’s 2 hours to closest truespec or club champion. how much distance do I stand to gain from driving to a high end fitter vs my local Dicks store? Will it really help a player such as
  2. appreciate all the info. Looks like there is a true spec 1:30 away at the Greenbrier. I’ll check it out.
  3. I am hoping to avoid another fitting process for my next irons (Taylormade RSI-1 now, will probably buy TM or Callaway next) here is my thinking, am I wrong?: Im 44, 7 handicap. 5-11, 170Lbs. Driver speed is 91-92. 7 iron goes 145 on average. Very consistent ball striker. (Short game has been a work in progress or I’d be a 4-5). Been fitted (full process) 3 times at various shops and it’s always been “regular flex, standard length, and standard lie.” Last fitting was 4 years ago. I’ve worked on my swing and fitness some since then, but minimal change in club head speed or path, no ch
  4. I believe that is in a vacuum, no air friction.
  5. So I thought the point of hitting up was so that you could use less loft therefore achieving the same height but with less spin. Less spin leading to more carry and more roll.
  6. It is cool how they take relatively “slow” swing speeds and translate to impressive yardages. Everything is optimized and they are machines.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.golfdigest.com/story/sean-foley-down-driver/amp I believe the average AOA is negative for almost everyone but LPGA players, but still unusual to see this advice.
  8. > @Locutus_of_Burgh said: > > @tlasher said: > > Wish you had gone faster or slower? > > > > You can speed it up or slow it down by brushing the grain up or down, FYI. > > > > Brush it down and putt down grain and the medium rolls pretty fast. > > Definitely slower. It is pretty cool that it actually has grain I also usually Play slow greens but that is actually why I wanted something fast to practice on. Plan is that when I go on buddies trips to nice courses I am not totally thrown off by fast greens. Try brushing the grain up
  9. Mine is on carpet but the carpet is firm. Shag would not be good but you could easily put plywood under it. The regular thickness green is meant to be rolled and stored. Not so much with the double thick.
  10. Wish you had gone faster or slower? You can speed it up or slow it down by brushing the grain up or down, FYI. Brush it down and putt down grain and the medium rolls pretty fast.
  11. Have had it for a month now. Bought 3 x 18 double depth and got the 2 foot upgrade, so 3 x 20. Medium speed. Set up was about an hour. Recommend tweezers to separate the double side tape, otherwise easy. It seemed a little cheap coming out of the box, but fear not. It looks good once set up and It rolls great. Rolls about 9 one way and 10 the other way. If you care about looks a lot the side bumpers wound probably give it an ever better look. Would recommend.
  12. Good point about feel. The wide sole does have a more sluggish feel at impact of all lies. But for me the shots are coming off better.
  13. True. I was wondering more about why people don’t use wide sole wedges. Just seems to make things easier, and I haven’t lost versatility.
  14. I had become interested in a second set of wedges for wet conditions. Based on a suggestion here I went with golfworks Malty wedges and utilized their assembly service. I got a 56 and 60 degree both with wide sole, M series. Assembly was included. I chose everything custom including grip size and shaft length. For two wedges with shipping I paid less then 90 bucks. I had low expectations. The customer service is 10/10. 5 minutes after placing order they called me to confirm and discuss my orders. They were great. The wedges came in about a week. They look and feel fantastic. Th
  15. > @badboggs said: > What do your divots do? They just sit there till I stick them back where they came from. J/k. Pretty straight on target line to slightly left. Shallow. My iron ball striking is a relative strength, not really effected by weak vs neutral grip.
  16. My release pattern is slightly “flippy” relative to the typical single digit player. The idea is that as I progress to a better release pattern that the weak grip will lead to the ball going too far right. But my release pattern has improved and I’m still seeing driver hooks with a neutral grip The suggestion is to stick with it an keep working on the swing changes. But golf needs to be fun in the meanwhile, I’m not headed for the senior tour.
  17. 43 years old, 7 Hcp. The last two coaches I’ve had have pushed me towards a neutral grip, my normal grip is weak, very similar to Hogan’s right hand grip. No matter how hard I work and successfully implement swing changes, the neutral grip leads to hooks with driver (I’ve been fitted). Weak grip is occasionally right rough but MUCH more consistent. Don’t notice a difference in distance. One idea I had is to keep using the neutral grip in practice and in general but switch to a weak grip on course when there is trouble left off the tee. Any thoughts?
  18. Very longstanding back issue, facet arthritis. Regular visits for years to PT, personal trainer, and pain management. Old condition that was aggravated when starting the overspeed training initiation protocol. Doesn’t bother me to hit balls though, so I want to stick with that. It just seemed the issue was related to the faster swings in rapid succession, in the air such that there is nothing slowing down the momentum other than the torque of going into finish position.
  19. Tried superspeed golf, my crappy back didn’t tolerate. (I think swinging so many times in the air as hard as possible is the issue). Want to try hitting some balls with a slightly lighter driver as an alternative. Currently play the original epic driver with 65 g shaft, total weight I believe is about 310 grams. So should I just grab a kitchen scale and try to find a 280g ish driver at used sporting good store? Or another approach? Thanks
  20. Anybody used one of these? Worth the expense? Also looking at the kangaroo but I like the simplicity and weight if the emotion.
  21. [quote name='Fade to Black' timestamp='1372088499' post='7313128'] Only problem with cutting the corner, is that on a course you've not played before, it's not always obvious how deep/long the corner is and if you have enough carry on the drive to get over it. [/quote] Or you may not have enough room if the tees are tight against the woods to the left.
  22. Try to fit a fade into the hole or try to play a draw? I usually club down (3 wood or hybrid) and go for the draw.
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