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  1. I love the Geo Low and have a Wilson copy for the sole reason that Jack used it, but I think he won 1 or 2 of his early ones with another putter-some iteration of a Bullseye called White Fang.
  2. This. Also Dottie Pepper. I like Faldo , I like Nance, and I like them together. I miss Feherty on CBS. I also liked Miller, but as a whole, prefer CBS's coverage. I wish they had the US Open. Also, Rickie doesn't really seem the maverick; I am sure his attire was approved, and it is more about the $ than Rickie making a statement.
  3. Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a prosperous 2019. May your drives be deep, and your divots shallow. May forged steel on urethane feel soft as tallow. May your drives from the tee find nice fairway lies May your putts roll in as if they had eyes.
  4. I will join the choir on the Button backs, and I assume you are holding on to the PC's for home use. I recently acquired a set of PCs and like them. I have a set of 79 Staff Tour Blades (that I've owned since 79)as well.
  5. I have a Newport 2.5 insert and all and I love it. It looks where I look I would love a carbon Napa though.
  6. I still like my Rogue in 15*. I haven't really hit any of the newer ones. If I was going to look at something new, it might be the Titleist.
  7. Prior to '09, I would have said Tiger winning 19 or more majors was pretty much a given. Now, it is not impossible, but highly unlikely. A subset of this is that both Jack and Tiger have a career triple slam. I believe that record is safe for eternity as well. I think the Nelson records are safe.
  8. Thanks TimV-a wonderful talent gone too soon. I realize a pun on the previous post but I played that video and it definitely hit the wayback button in my head.
  9. Bobby Jones, Snead, Hogan, Palmer, Player Trevino, and of course Nicklaus. Seve and Miller were also fantastic, as was Watson. And Crenshaw. And they say the field is "deeper" these days. It puts Nicklaus career in perspective as he basically competed and won against all of these except Jones, Snead , and Hogan. Somewhat against Hogan and Snead, but they were near the end of their careers as his was beginning.
  10. The driver came in 9* and 11*. I have an 11* I bought new when they came out. It is my wet weather vintage club along with an original Taylor Raylor 16*.
  11. In college once, a buddy and I went to play and they wouldn't let us on because the greens were frozen. That won't happen these days. Somewhere around 50-55 is about my minimum- if sunny, no wind, and I haven't been out in a long while, maybe high end of the 40's.
  12. Well, it has been a while since I played vintage. I have been through my whole modern bag over the past 18 months and replaced everything. I have been enjoying the new sticks. I have been watching several of those older Masters broadcasts released last year on Youtube, and it is giving me the "itch". I have had a few of my classics out looking at them lately, and hit a couple of yard balls with my Toney Penna driver. I think the next nice day I have available will find me taking a few of my old favorites out for a spin. I wish everyone a blessed and happy Christmas season.
  13. I putt great with an old Wilson. It is a Geo Low Original 600 Forged, a replica of the one Nicklaus used in many victories. It was an average price when new in 1980, maybe $40-50, but is worth very little today. I would use it still, but the grip is non-conforming. Just a simple leather grip, but the way it is made with a flat section on the front and round section at the top became non-conforming in 1988. I have had it 38 years, so I don't want to change the grip.
  14. Thanks. I thought it was stainless, but thought it would be a little more magnetic. Since it is used, wanted to avoid a fake. It putts great.
  15. I am looking at a used 2016 series Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5. The head is only slightly attracted to a magnet. Is this normal ? Obviously the insert is aluminum but I am talking about the head .
  16. I have been told by a couple of friends that my singing is better after a couple of beers. One has requested a certain song at his funeral, and wants me to have a couple before the service. Anything that requires any kind of physical coordination or athletic prowess is a different matter though. Even one beer will through me off. I do enjoy riding in a cart, drinking beer, and watching others play. My commentary is quite humorous-at least to me!!!
  17. I don't have a picture handy, but it would be my Wilson Original 600 Geo Low putter. Supposedly a close copy of the one Nicklaus used for most of his majors. Mine was made in 1980, still has the original leather grip which is no longer conforming. Were it not for this, it would still be in my regular bag most of the time.
  18. I thought I would drop in and say hello. I have not visited in a while, but I see that the conversation is as robust as ever. Well I have been on the dark side of golf for last season and this. After playing basically the same modern bag for twenty years, I have been through it over last season and this basically changing out the whole bag. One item that does make it back into the bag on occasion is my old Wilson putter from 1980. It is amazing to me that the simple leather grip on this putter is non-conforming, while the Supersoft backweighted mid-slim on my Odyssey is. As to the U. S. Op
  19. I have always played a smidge farther forward than normal even back in the day with blades and lumber, so less adjustment than some I guess. Persimmon driver is off left heel or instep, where modern driver closer to left toe. As for height, I look at it relative to the club than the ground; I want about half the ball above the crown. So obviously much lower for persimmon, but the same relative to the crown as I don't ground either persimmon or modern drivers at set up.
  20. I found most of my stuff at pawn shops, Goodwill and the like. I am 60, so I did play during the persimmon era, and still have my '79 Wilson Staff Tour Blades from then, as well as a couple of persimmon clubs. What got me restarted a few years ago, was picking up a couple of Joe Powells from a pawn shop. I have been into modern play as of late, but watching a couple of videos from the 80's is giving me the itch to get out the blades and lumber. I like the Wilson DUO ball off persimmon, as well as the DT SoLo, but the ProV1 actually does ok.
  21. When did this start? I missed it somehow and I would have saved a few bucks, as I traded some items in at a different retailer for a Rogue driver.
  22. My son is an infrequent golfer and he gets some of my hand-me downs-usually first dibs if he wants them. I trade some in. I have a few that I may donate to a local school.
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