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  1. He discussed all the specs while there . Just waiting for the email from him. He had a full day of fittings yesterday and today. He texted me today and said I should have it tonight.
  2. I am still waiting for my specs from my fitter, only has been a day.
  3. I went for the full bag fitting yesterday. Fitter started by asking details questions of what i was looking for and why I am looking at PXG. I told him i was interested to see what all the fuss was about and for $50, I can see how well my irons are today compared to when i was fitted for them 4 years ago (Callaway Apex CF16s). I know my distances on my all my clubs from playing 2-3 times a week as well as confirming most of them on my Rapsodo Launch monitor. Was going to ask to bring it out and put it next to the trackman, but didn't want to push it. After doing my standard pre-play warmup, I hit about 10 balls with my 7 irons. I spread a few purposely just to see what the trackman would pull. Trackman yardage was within a few yards of my normal shots . I was not pushed into the Gen 4 stuff by the fitter, we played we the Gen 3 and Gen 4 items just to see where the rest of the bag was going to go. I felt better control and shot shaping with the Gen 4 irons with stock included shafts. He did not push any "exotic" shafts on me but we did try a few mixed in to see ball flight changes. He made me aware that the shaft was a price increase before trying it. Once irons were dialed in, I was picking up lower ball flight resulting in about 10-15 yards of additional carry. I went back to my current 7 iron and hit a few again to compare differences after swinging more consistent and my distances were the same as what i was used to. Driver took a little longer as I was locked into the gen 4 based on my iron choices. We went through quite a few shafts to get my spin numbers down (i hit driver very high), and tried a few exotics but there was not enough difference. I tried the gen 3 head using the same shafts and did notice a bit of difference from my current setup. Overall, the Gen 4 head gave me a little better control of my shot shape. 3 wood was a little quicker to fit since he saw my wood swing from the driver. We tried the matching shaft to the driver but ended up going to a different stock included shaft. I did pick up about 10 yards of carry with this one. He did mention, if I like my current set up that much, to leave it and add an extra wedge to the bag. Hybrid took about ten minutes to fit and only took two shafts to get it to my liking. Tried the 3 and it was close to my Titleist U501 so I tried the 25 degree. He asked what i was looking for and i told him a 205 club. We reviewed irons and he noted, my 5 iron set up should get me to 205. Based on my sometime eratic driving off the tee, it made sense to get the hybrid for my 240 shot out of the rough when needed. Wedges, my set up includes 4 sugar daddy wedges, I explained to him my 100 yards in was my biggest inconsistancy. We worked on 120 (50 degree, which I required), a 56 and 60. Discovered most of my inconsistency is from my swing, and gave me a little tip and I got them where i wanted (110 on the 56 and 100 on the 60) and lots of backspin. By the time we got to the putter, we were already at 2 hours and I was exhausted. He looked over my current Scotty and showed me the options available. I took a few putting strokes and he recommended three putter options. He through shafts in them and send me to the putting green. watched a few putts and switched out a shaft and I was comfy with what i picked. Hardest part was deciding what grip for the putter. Overall I was satisfied with the fitting. I have also been fit and Golf Tec and Club Champion. I was satisfied with the entire fitting and information he gave me from the difference in iron heads, shaft weights, as well as putter heads. He was definitely knew the equipment and shaft options. He was also outright up front on what might be backordered and what was currently available, I think the hybrid shaft was the only thing that was going to backordered for a week. I am waiting for him to send me my specs and order sheet to put it through. I was told I should have the order in about 10 days.
  4. Cleaning out my losses for my current bag competition. 1) Titleist TSI Head 9 degree. Used but no abused. SOLD. shipped No headcover or tool. 2) Titleist Driver Shafts (all have Titleist driver adapter installed. a) Tensei AV Series Blue 55G stiff shaft with Winn Dri-tac midsize Grip. 44 1/2" long $125 $115 shipped b) Kiyoshi Oban Black. SOLD c) Project X Even Flow T-1100 65G stiff shaft with Stock Titleist Grip 44" long $145 $115 shipped or d) all TWO shafts together. $260 $225 shipped or $600 $550 with the TSI2 head. 3) Taylormade P790 driving iron. Ordered this custom from Taylormade and never made it off the driving range. Specs: $175 $160 shipped Nippon NS pro modus tour 120 stiff shaft. +1" long Golf Pride CP2 Pro midsize grip 4) Nike VRS-S forged 3 iron head. Brand new still in plastic from a clean pull. $100 $90 shipped. Sorry no trades at this time. More pics upon request. pin 8/20
  5. Callaway Apex CF19 5-AW with Recoil ES 460 stiff shafts. Clubs: 5 through Approach Wedge Shaft: Recoil ES F4 460 shafts Flex: Stiff Grips: Super Stroke Cross Comfort Midsize Standard Loft, Length, and Lie $675 $650 shipped anywhere to the lower 48 states Sorry no trades
  6. I purchased these off of Callaway pre-owned using a gift card and decided to go to another brand after an iron fitting. These are in excellent condition with very little use ( I never hit them). Specs: Head: Apex 19 irons 5-AW (7 clubs) 3 degrees up Shaft: Project X Catalyst 50 Graphite +2 inches over standard Flex : 5.0 (regular flex) Grip: Winn Dri-tac midsize $1000 shipped anywhere to the lower 48 states. Sorry no trades.
  7. 1) Cobra Rad Big Tour 3 wood. This has one indoor session and 1 round of use. No marks on it at all. Includes Brand new Headcover. SOLD 2) Cobra F9 Tour 3 wood. This has one full season of use on it. Still in decent Condition. $120 shipped 3) Nike Roshe G Tour shoes size 13. These are NIB and include boxes. Black and Black and White on Blue. $140 shipped for the pair or $75 shipped per pair.
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