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  1. [quote name='mp.14' timestamp='1408197992' post='9946513'] [quote name='rebby' timestamp='1408161409' post='9945393'] I've never played Windsong but I have played Hazeltine a few times and I'd give anything to play there on a daily basis. On another note, WBYC is still on my short list of courses I need to find my way onto. [/quote] If I join Hazeltine, you'd be welcome to tag along anytime you would like : ), or Windsong. I could get us onto WBYC as well. Hazeltine has reciprocity with almost any course, anywhere, which is a plus [/quote] Can I take you up on this offer too
  2. I have a slightly used Game Golf system that I am looking to sell. It has been used for about 7-8 rounds. I dont play enough to justify keeping it. Everything is in perfect working condition the only blemish is the putter button has a little chip in it. I do not have the original box but I have everything else. I am looking at $180 or best offer.
  3. [quote name='Dinosaur' timestamp='1407615434' post='9896273'] Received my order of Nicklaus Blues today. I like the packaging. The logo on the ball stands out a bit, but on the opposite side, only a small thin "Nicklaus Blue" line which will be good for alignment purposes. Hopefully can get out on the course soon not-with-standing some other events planned with SWMBO. [/quote] Let us know what you think of them. I have been looking to buy some but really havent heard to much of their performance
  4. [quote name='ManBearPig98' timestamp='1407289405' post='9866763'] [quote name='asommers14' timestamp='1407287215' post='9866515'] looks decent, Dont know if it would convince me to drive up to ND from Minneapolis to play. [/quote] What would convince you to drive up to ND to golf? I'm not going to lie, but your post was a bit dickish. However, instead of leaving it at that, I will give you a golf itinerary for ND that should make most people jealous. You need 6 days: Day 1: Drive from the Cities to Bismarck, should take around 6 hours. Ignore all public courses before Bismarck. Day 2: Play RiverWood in the morning and Hawktree in the afternoon. Riverwood will run you around $40 and Hawktree is around $100. Day 3: Play Painted Woods in Washburn. $40, however I will comp the round if you come up. It is 30 minutes from Bismarck. Day 4: Play Bully Pulpit in Medora. Cost is $100. Day 5: Play the Link of ND: cost is $100. Day 6: Drive home. I am pretty sure you cant find a more affordable 5 4 days of really good golf. Chris [/quote] Didnt mean to get you all hot and bothered. All I was saying is that course alone wouldnt get me up there. I do plan on driving up and playing Bully and Hawkeye next summer.
  5. looks decent, Dont know if it would convince me to drive up to ND from Minneapolis to play.
  6. Played Stoneridge on Sunday. Greens were good the fairways looked like then been punched recently, I was told they were punched in July and are still recovering
  7. I gave this ball a try because I have heard great things about it and the price point is right. Have to say its not the longest ball I have played with but I was very surprise with it around the greens
  8. Just added Stoneridge in Stillwater MN to the list. Great track if you are ever up this way I would suggest it.
  9. [quote name='asommers14' timestamp='1406676578' post='9812711'] We Ko Pa both courses Asu Karsten Golf Club of Estrella The Wilds The Chaska Town Course Up Next Tetherow Interlachen COuntry Club Either Chambers Bay or Gamble Sands Pumpkin Ridge [/quote] Add Stoneridge Golf Club - Stillwater Minnesota to the list
  10. [quote name='huskie' timestamp='1397928910' post='9125517'] Tour preffered or Nicklaus Black and yes im serious [/quote] Are they good balls. I was debating on getting a dozen just to try them out
  11. Could always stop in Latrobe and play the course Arnold Palmer grew up on http://www.springhillsuiteslatrobe.com/specials.php
  12. I am also reading A Difficult Par which is about Robert Trent Jones
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