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  1. Little more square in the toe and those are in the bag for me for sure... so clean they might replace my Mizzy's
  2. Thanks for the pics, look interesting. Thats a unique grind option...
  3. Perfectly summarised... and Switzerland is much more efficient that SA!
  4. Thanks for this - Would have to order some serious bulk to make it worthwhile as the shipping and taxes (on the SA side everything the Government can tax is taxed and more) would kill the price gain!
  5. Would love to try this but not available in South Africa...
  6. Yeah, started to look at the Mizuno CLK and some of the others you can turn down to 14/15 degrees and add a shorter shaft or longer shaft... gives some options.
  7. Hi Guys, recently changed over to a modified paint / saw / claw grip. Have a Winn AVS Midsize grip on my Ping Anser and while its nice it feels less stable then when I play around with some other grips in the golf shop. Anyone gone this route? What did you find was the best putter grip to allow the best holding of the club and stroke? Flat Cat? Superstroke? Other? Did you make any putter changes? Ie go from a blade to mallet etc?
  8. Hi all, I am looking to replace my iron and wedge shafts (in the interim I am going to try and dowel my irons for vibration after a failed attempt with vibration dampening inserts). I currently play Mizuno MP5's with X100's 1 inch longer than standard and Cleveland RTX Wedges also 1 inch over. Is there anyone with direct experiences of the above shafts and how they compare with the X100? Being based in South Africa there is 0 change of being able to test these before buying them so looking for some insights. At this stage, from what I have read it will be M
  9. Shipping into South Africa is a nightmare from abroad. If you get lucky your package arrives in a few weeks. If you arent... well, you re-order as it never will... . They have indicated to me that they can thank you! So if DIY fails then I will try an order and see if it works.
  10. Thanks for everyones inputs so far... I have secured some 15mm (marginally slimmer than the 5/8 inch suggestion so hopefully it works better) backing cord that is closed cell. Cut them to 22cm (8.5 inches) and getting some help getting them inserted this weekend... going to insert so that 7 inches gap shows between the back of the insert and the butt of the club. Will post some feedback after but appreciative of everyones comments and suggestions.
  11. By all accounts the new Mitsubishi MMT's are best of the bunch and the first true replacement for an X100. At 125g and true flex (allegedly) plus vibration dampening and better dispersion it seems promising. Just cant get hold of them and not getting them in South Africa anytime soon. Tried the 115g Aerotech but didnt like it... so until I get my hands on some MMT's Ill be in the foam and dowel group!
  12. Also keen to know. I am putting foam inserts down the shafts for vibration but have heard a dowel epoxied in the hosel area is great to make a blade feel even more solid! Want to experiment on my MP5s
  13. 1/4 inch or 6mm diam is smallest I can find
  14. What diametre of backing rod did you find that works?
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