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  1. Hi all, Anyone gaming a Cobra SZ Tour fairway? I was fit into the new SZ driver and added 20-30m to my drives! So I also tested the fairway and loving the feel of the face and shot shaping capability. Anyone gaming one? What has been your experience with it? I like a smaller head and the feel is dead solid. Probably going to play it with an Aldila Rogue Silver 70x
  2. Hi All, This may have been beaten to death somewhere on the forum but cannot find the exact answer to my question. Two parts: 1. Which ball between Pro V1 and Pro V1x has less driver spin? From the research available they are supposed to spin the same off the driver but overall the V spins less so hoping someone has seen spin reduction on the driver with it. How much lower is the flight coming out on irons and driver with V vs X? 2. Any difference in performance noted when switching from the white to yellow Pro V1s?
  3. Was thinking of doing crossline cords with two wraps. With the .58 size they should feel the same as my GP Tour Velvet Midsize!
  4. Playing Mizuno blades for years, but these (and the Blueprints) look so pure. Feedback I go was that you tend to hit a flyer? ie distance control is not what it normally is with a more traditional blade. Any thoughts / experience with this?
  5. Do you know how much tape would make that difference? Ie .580 grip vs .600 would need 1 wrap of tape on the .600 to feel the same? Cant be much more than 1-2 wraps can it?
  6. What size trousers do you usually wear that the 35inch inseam was a good fit? I usually wear a size 34 waist, 33/4 leg jeans... wondering what the right fit would be here for me in the PX5?
  7. Not to open a massive can on worms on joggers... but has anyone bought mens joggers from Macade? https://macadegolf.com Never been a huge fan as they looked very "tracksuit pants"ish but these look much smarter IMO and worth a look. Any thoughts on these? Anyone bought them, tried them?
  8. Hit this two weeks ago, its properly hot! jumps off the face... saw some marked increases in clubhead and ball speed... Nice looking club too, better IMO than the 410.
  9. Just picking this thread up now, any new feedback on the fairways being low spinning bombers? Looking for a low spin fairway and was the TSi3 would be it!
  10. I really did not like them to start with but they are growing on me! Such a nice headship, best of the current crop.
  11. Saw these when I was searching today, looks like they were released in 2017 but aren't on the radar or the website? Strange but looks like a great grip.
  12. Thank you! how do I get to add my WITB below like yours?
  13. I also felt the midsizes were a touch bigger in Lamkin. Anyone able to confirm this or is it just the feel?
  14. Have you ever used the normal crossline vs the cords? Are the cords much more abrasive or still a nice grip? I used to love the corsslines but looking for a bit more grip...
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