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  1. Anyone perhaps able to PM me too if they have details. Rumour mill is that in South Africa the distributor might be having issues with Mizuno itself so likely going to have to do a custom order via UK or US.
  2. Thanks for showing these! Are the grooves clean in the pics? Or is the middle wedge a good representation of the wear Ie a small face wear patch with the copper underlay shining through? I am wanting to go 50, 55, 60 in Satin Chrome or Denim Copper so wandering what the face wear / patina looks like over time...
  3. Bag looks top notch! how you experiencing those ZX7's?
  4. Anyone tried the T22 vs a Cleveland Zipcore? or just tried them in general? How are the sole grinds, feel etc?
  5. Cant wait for this... I am holding out with my current gamers for the new release and am very interested in the 223. If its a good look and feel (and a bit of bounce that still gets through the turf) I am going for it. The turf interaction probably critical as thats why I was looking at ZX7. Enjoy the new clubs!
  6. I was between Srixon ZX7 and waiting for Mizuno to replace my aging MP5s next year… agree on the 223, they look amazing. Was thinking of only combo’ing them at the top of the set but the address view looks good enough to play them right through! drop a 50,55,60 T22 in there to finish it out
  7. 275m Driver 136m Pitching Wedge (*distances at altitude so about accurate to sea level yards) Pretty accurate with my PW but part of my goals for this year is to build out a wedge system with my 50, 54, 60 degrees along the lines of what Monte has mentioned. Trying to dial in using the bounce properly and then getting the partial back and through swings grooved. Need to get working in the next 4 weeks before my golf trip to the coast!
  8. Sorry to hear this, I had a very good experience. Might have gone bust with Covid? Although I would have expected the opposite. Many good recommendations on here, hope you come right!
  9. Hi All, Over the years I have torn my right rotatator cuff (right handed golfer) a few times. While I no longer have pain, I struggle with range of motion, specifically, my shoulder can rotate inwards (towards the chest) but barely backwards. I have always played with a slight OTT motion and fairly straight path. This was easier due to the lack of motion as the shoulder wants to rotate this way. However, I struggle with consistency. So two questions: 1. Anyone with a similar issue that has some good tipes to get a bit more shallow? 2. Or Any tips on dealing with a steeper swing plane to get it more consistent? Thanks!
  10. Sounds like I need to suck it up, do some curls and stick with my normal X100s… super reliable and used to the feel.
  11. Morning all, After many years of putting really decently (Single figure golfer, Ping Aser style putter, convention of LHL grip) my right hand yips have gotten to a point where I need to make a change (can officially miss it from 1ft and not touch the hole!). I have dabbled a bit and found the saw style grip the most comfortable and allows me to feel the left arm doing most of the work. Looking for any tips for WRXers who have gone this route - what works, doesnt work, what to what out for ie right arm coming into the stroke etc that I can keep in mind as I start to putt this way? Appreciate any inputs in advance
  12. Those 223's have me intrigued too... Was thinking to go 223 in 4,5 iron (bent 1 degree weak for more loft and bounce and better gapping) then 221 in 6-P for flight and control. Looks like the transition will be better than HMB...heck if the look and bounce is good on the 223 and they can be flighted might just go full whack!
  13. Apologies, yes it would be meters and not degrees. Thank you for the input, seemed a bit off to me… felt like good windows but the data was strange!
  14. Hi all, Hoping to get some ideas on the forum. Testing some irons today and wanting to get some insights if it might be a swing issue or Trackman calibration issue (or perhaps the wind). Tested in some heavy wind, mostly off the left (right handed golfer) and sadly with a Srixon range ball. Testing on a 7 Iron: Swing Speed: 94-96mph average AOA: -4.5 degrees Peak height: 30 degrees Spin: (8200 rpm on range ball so assuming 7000 rpm on my normal Srixon XV) These are all exactly where I expect them to be except: Launch angle: 10-12 degrees Descent angle: 38-41 degrees Could this be an anomaly or calibration error? Or something to be worried about? My baseline iron was also coming out "lower and hotter"... only thing I can think of is perhaps I am delofting too much today? Normal iron MP5, Dynamic Gold X100 Tested Srixon ZX7, Dynamic Gold X100
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