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  1. Anyone have pictures of the 221 and 223 / 225 finishes next to one another? Perhaps I missed it on one of the threads? Wondering how close they are in look and finish as I am interested in doing a combo set. I managed to see and hit the 223 and its a wonderful club, toe shape slightly round for my liking but a really good iron from Mizuno!
  2. Thank you! So my calculations takes us to 20.8cm or around 8 1/8 inches? Or 8 1/4 inches (conversions arent perfect) as it seems somehere in between on inches…
  3. Blonde moment - apologies. Re-measuring tonight...
  4. Got it at 14.4cm so coverted about 5 5/8 inches? Would that make sense at all?
  5. Ill measure this evening, I do have one on hand at home.
  6. Thanks as always Howard! Think the Cleveland is an S300 so this confirms my thoughts...
  7. Apparel : Nike or Under Armour with some bespoke shoes. Otherwise something really nice and classic / modern like Greyson with Footjoys or Eccos. Clubs: If I had to go full bag Srixon or Ping with Srixon Glove and Ball deal.
  8. 14-16 Degree Hybrid with a slightly longer shaft ie 41-42 inches. I struggled with the same thing and have often though of doing the above. Eventually put a shorter, heavier shaft in my Cobra 14.5 degree and its done the trick (42.5" shaft)... but could definitely game a strong lofted Hybrid / Iron with a longer shaft as a replacement.
  9. Club Loft #4 24 #5 27 #6 30 #7 34 #8 38 #9 42 PW 46 GW 50 SW 54 LW 60 Driver : 9 Degree Fairway : 14.5 Degree Hybrid : 19 Degree
  10. Anyone bought and been playing the raw head? Wondering how those are looking after a few rounds...
  11. Learning so much on this thread! Thanks Howard and all you guys contributing. Quick question - my understanding is from other threads is that the DG Spinner is an S300 shaft in Cleveland and S200 in Vokey. Are those straight in or soft stepped? Assuming either way that if you wanted to go up from those would you go X100 8 Iron? That should bring flight down and add spin for any player using those as stock at the moment?
  12. Used to be with Callaway if not mistaken…left them in 2017 before 4 years with PXG…
  13. On one of the other threads it was pointed out Ko is no longer with PXG. Any ideas where she has gone? Ladies get less coverage but she is a former world no 1 and prodigy... interesting to see where she lands up
  14. Thanks for the great feedback! Would you mind sharing your 7 iron swing speed mph? Your 50 / 54 and or 60 degrees? Hoping your around my swing speed - really keen to do this to on Howards recommendation.
  15. Hi all, Curious to know if anyone has / or is able to measure the actual bounce angles on Cleveland RTX 3 Wedges. I have A 50-10, 54-11 and 60-06 but because of the V sole they dont actually play to those angles in all playing positions. It looks like it should play to a far higher bounce in the square position and then as you manipulate the face it changes. Any sole grind experts able to comment? I am wanting to change my wedges to something with some fresher grooves (thinking T22) but want to better understand the bounce for bounce change. In South Africa, finding demo wedges is near impossible so the chance to test grinds = unlikely at best. Below you can see nicely on the 60 the leading edge bounce...
  16. These have really be done nicely! Well done...
  17. My miss is strange in that I relatively miss long vs short more than I should. My misses are pin high left and right, directional misses. In 4,5 the occasional weak strike but 6 down, its left or right...
  18. These are properly nice! if you can get them at a steal why not... will go well with T22 Coppers!
  19. Got such good gapping into the 4 Iron. Might just stick with the blades for a while as I bed down some swing tweaks then if I do upgrade for for a 221/223 blend with 4,5 in the 223. Saw one of the Mizuno staff pro's with that mix and it looks money. That way I win in the longer irons with some extra forgiveness and ball speed... Getting some custom new Mizuno's is at least 6 months away for irons so If I go that route I have to stay MP5 for a bit!
  20. This is a strong consideration... love the look at address, feel and the way I can hit them. Maybe worth a refurb and some new wedges... tide me over until I need to get a new set.
  21. Might keep the irons and change the wedges to T22s to scratch the itch. Can always do with some fresh grooves
  22. Nice, will you post something when you get yours? I am thinking of doing 4,5 (1 weaker in the 5) and 6-P 221 as an an option and am keen to know how the clubs flow look wise and also how they gap... I want to keep loft gapping at 4 degrees. Interesting that the dont suggest blending 221/223 on the site?
  23. I can shape it both ways just fine... I find I can do that with any straight'ish club ie I could shape the ZX7, 223 as well and control flight (although lesser extent)...
  24. Big Wins: - Retiring my Ping G2 putter for an Odyssey DFX Double wide and going from 35 to 34". Made a massive difference to strokes gained for me... cant believe I held out so long. Just another realisation that you should fit the putter to your body and stroke tendencies (I was over rotating the face... so the face balanced Double Wide really helped that). - Trimmed my irons 0.25" have always played over length but got more comfortable and improved my strike going a smidge shorted. - Reshafted my driver with a heavier Fujikura 73 Pro Blue X and made it 44" what a game changer on strike with improved speed! And I am 6ft3 for context, I am not short! Workholes - Trying to figure out what new Mizuno irons to get (when they one day come to market with a lead time of less than 184628294946375842483787873 days)
  25. Morning all, I want a bit of a pro con discussion on blades and hoping for something deeper than "most pro's no longer play blades"... For Context: - I am a single digit handicap, used to play competitive amateur golf and working hard on getting the game back in a good place. - I currently play Mizuno MP5's which are a nice and forgiving channel back blade for lack of a better classification. I play this in 4-PW with X100 shafts. - My 7 iron swing speed is 93mph on easy swings and I can get that up to 95-97 mph without a sweat. Spin and Descent angle are all in good windows compared to tour numbers. - I get good height and descent with my 4,5 irons. I lack some consistency in the longer clubs but when I miss hit them, its not a small miss - its a club face / path issue and not a strike issue. I have thought of changing them to ZX7 full set, MP 223 full set or a combo 221/223 set with 4,5 in 223 (bent to accommodate a loft gapping). My concern going ZX7 and 223 is the loft gaps are all over the place and I currently have a really nice 12m gapping between clubs and hit them plenty far. What would I then gain by giving up the blades? If feel like I could mishit a ZX7/223 the same as I mis hit a MP5. Do I just stick it out and work on the swing... do I cave like a good WRX'ér and get new irons, if I do, what do I go with... Thanks for having some banter with me on this!
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