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  1. I live in the East Bay Area (California) and am looking for a new instructor for 2022. I had some lessons this past year with a couple of different instructors but neither quite fit what I was looking to get out of my lessons. I’m hoping to find someone that uses data driven techniques (i.e. Trackman etc) and can combine that with drills to get my swing more consistent and on plane. I looked through a post somone made last year and found some names but it looks like almost all the recommendations are unavailable or a little too far. I checked Tyler Ferrell’s website and couldn’t find a way to sign up for in person lessons with him (he’s also a bit too far). Jake Hutt isn’t doing private lessons anymore (actually tried to contact him last year and got no reply). I think he’s doing a mobile van lesson thing based on his ig. David Balbi had some surgery and is unavailable according to his website. If there’s anyone else you can recommend, I’ll definitely look into them. Thank you!
  2. Thank you golfarb! I’ll work on that takeaway drill and my legs!
  3. Here is a video of my swing with numbers from my Flightscope Mevo. This was pretty good contact for me and representative of about 50% of my shots (although I think it might be getting even more consistent). Things to know: a) ball flight is not exactly representative because I was hitting into a pretty good wind (10-15 mph, storm moving through this week). b) stupidly pulled a lower back muscle earlier hitting my pw because I didn’t warm up enough so there may or may not be some things showing in the swing because of that but I still tried to record a decent swing to upload here. Thank you for the help and especially if you have some drills you like that help with the flaws you see I would be extra appreciative! IMG_7835.MOV
  4. I’m 42 and have been playing off and on since I was 17. I stopped playing in 2015 (too many life events) and then picked it back up in 2020. I spent about $600 on lessons in 2020 and another $500 on lessons so far this year. Some have been helpful, some have been meh. I’m very much a do it yourself personality but I recognize professional help can go a long way here. I try to correlate what I learn at a lesson with what I feel during practice and how that comes out in numbers on the monitor. I usually get to play golf about once a month and go to the driving range twice a week. This is the method that has gotten me down from a 33 hdcp to a 27. Hopefully a little more to come before end of the year (two more rounds to go :).
  5. Yeh it does reflect a slower swing speed. As Howard put it, I need to stop trying too hard. Occasionally, I really focus on a smooth tempo and tell myself not to swing hard because it isn’t the focus of what I’m working on. Then I hit one of those amazing shots, get all excited and it’s back to swinging harder. I think I see on the monitor that swing speed was slower and my brain goes “now imagine if you kick that up to your full potential!” …and I know logically that the swing I just made is my full potential because of the numbers but it just feels too easy heh. Lately I have been focusing more on trying to turn around the left foot (I’m right handed) instead of swaying off of it. This has gotten my striking pattern a lot more consistent and is where I’m at now. Now that I have some confidence that I can repeat that part of my swing I’ll go back to messing with grip and impact position to try to make everything a little more efficient.
  6. It's probably reasonably accurate and I am inefficient is my guess. Once in a while I get what I call an "amazing" shot for myself. This probably happens 1/20 swings or so. The numbers seem to be a little more inline with the Trackman numbers that Howard posted. I suspect whatever I do differently in these swings is what I really need to pin down and work on. This was from a range session a couple weeks ago, same 7 iron.
  7. Hey thank you for the responses! I will try to get a video of my swing in this thread in the next few days. The 6555 spin rate shot is the one that went left. The 5096 spin rate shot was straight and what I would like to see myself hit more of. As for accuracy of the Mevo, I don’t know about most of the numbers but I have used my rangefinder to check the carry distances and it seems pretty accurate between the two devices. That is mostly why I got the Mevo so that I could understand my average carry distances better and I think it’s a large part of the reason why I’ve been able to get my handicap down as much this year as I have. Howard_Jones you’re not wrong at all. I have always tended to want to hit the ball really hard and it’s been a big focus of mine to try to reel that in and work more on tempo. I’ll keep at it.
  8. tl;dr Look at my best and worst 7 iron strikes from my range session and suggest what I might work on improving based on my numbers. Earlier this year my bday present was a new set of irons with custom fitting. I’m a 27 handicap so, I am not great at the game but love playing and hadn’t had new irons in 9 years. The fitter wanted to put me back into a big game improvement type head but I opted for Taylormade P770’s because I wanted more feedback on mishits. I find the game improvement irons don’t seem to transmit the feeling that lets you know when you hit the ball incorrectly. Fast forward, I love the irons, got my handicap down from 33 to 27 with lots of practice (maybe even lower with a couple rounds left to play this year, *fingers crossed*). My question is, what can you tell me from my numbers about my swing and how my irons were fit? I take a Flightscope Mevo with me to every range session and lately I have been having some pretty solid contact with my iron strikes. I put my worst & best 7 iron strikes from tonight. Ball flight for both was pretty good, the worse one turned left a little more than I wanted but wasn’t horrible at all. I work in tech and data has become a small obsession of mine. I’m really curious what everyone thinks of the spin rate? I’m trying to understand if I need to work on compressing my iron strikes more or if I’ve hit a good spot and can think about working on other things. For context, I am 6’1”, wrist to floor is 34.75”. The custom fit specs for my irons are: - Project X LS 6.0 shafts - E + 1/2” EOG - 3 degrees upright - 2 degrees strong Hopefully, that’s enough info for everyone to make some observations. Sorry this post is quite lengthy. I appreciate any help I can get.
  9. I did get in touch with Carl’s Golfland. They are looking into it. I was just curious if it was a sourcing issue (I know the KBS shafts are back ordered) or if Callaway changed them for another reason. I would expect at least some kind of update to their site that they’re using the TT in some sets.
  10. I'm in search of new irons after playing my rbz irons to death. Swing has slowed down a little, looking for something a little lighter but still with a steel shaft. I went to a local store and tried some irons. I liked the Callaway B21 iron with the KBS Max CT80 shaft the most. I got a little more distance with a Mizuno but it was heavier like my current irons and not as easy to control (better dispersion with the B21s). Local store did not have the combo hybrid/irons set and no eta on getting them so I went in search and found another local store with a set but, they were using True Temper XP 95 shafts instead of the KBS Max CT80 shafts. I thought that was weird so I ended up ordering a set from Carl's Golfland with the KBS shaft specified but, when I got the set, it had the same True Temper shafts in them. What gives? Did Callaway change to using the True Temper instead of the KBS and they just haven't updated the literature? Curious to know if anyone knows enough about both shafts to say if they're fairly equal feel wise. Since feeling is pretty much what I went by when I demo'd clubs, I want to make sure I'm not spending $1k+ on clubs with shafts I don't end up liking. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks for the info guys, really appreciate it. I think I am leaning towards a possible combo of a 3-wood Fd and 5-wood F right now. I'm gonna have to get in one of the hitting bays around here and look more closely at the numbers
  12. Just to clarify about usage for myself it is for primarily off the deck and occasionally off the tee.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm currently in the market for some new fairway woods. I've been working on my swing, checking some swing numbers and I'm finally at a point where I'm hitting my current fairway wood (callaway FT 3-wood in regular flex with draw bias) pretty reliably. It currently has 2 problems for me. Problem 1 is it draws just a little too much (think about 5 yards left of my target) and problem 2 is, it's regular flex and I've been told by the fitters at the store I should be hitting stiff flex. I tried out the Titleist 913 driver and fairway woods and was really happy with the numbers they produced and the feeling was great. I only remember the swing numbers for the driver but, ultimately I'm trying to figure out whether I should go with the regular 913F fairway wood model or the 913F.d? My driver swing numbers are as follows: __Titleist 913D2, 9.5 head with Diamana 62g blue, stiff shaft__ Average swing speed: 108 - 109mph (had a couple that popped up to 112 but also a couple that were down around 106/107) Launch angle approx: 13.5 Spin rate was between 3500 - 4000 My scores are currently hovering around 95 - 105 for 18 holes on courses with slope ratings between 116 - 131. Once a while I sneak in a round in the 87'ish range when my putting is doing better for me. So what is everyone's opinion? Should I get the F or F.d fairway woods from Titleist? I know the F.d has a bigger head and is supposed to be lower spin but, I really have no idea whether that is actually any better for my game or not. I look forward to seeing what all of you think.
  14. Pepper that's an awesome suggestion.I will definitely give that a try. Morikawa, my swing speed with a 6 iron is 90mph as measured during the fitting. The reason they put me with the 85g shaft is because that is the heaviest available for the new clubs I bought.
  15. It seems (in my case) that the ligher club weight is... encouraging? me to try to swing faster. I believe that's what my instructor is getting at. The rythm of my back swing is good but from the top of the back swing I tend to jerk and bring everything through very fast. He said my shoulders are starting to turn before anything else (which is causing OTT). Said my hips and shoulders should turn about the same time but that my arms should drop a bit before the hips and shoulders start their turn.
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