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  1. I've seen the new T100-S, but not the T100. I compared the new T100-S to the outgoing version of the T100, and they looked identical from address.
  2. Assuming the T100 looks like the T100s I saw, you're going to be happy. The cavity looks a million times cleaner.
  3. For the Blueprints, you mention they're standard LLL, but I noticed they're red dots, which I thought meant .75 flat. Just wanted to check on that? They look great!
  4. Sorry, I didn't see one and I didn't ask. Not saying there isn't one -- that's just not something I look for or noticed.
  5. No offense at all -- I completely understand where you were coming from, but I just wanted to make it clear that this wasn't all speculation. As for my current irons, I wanted a slightly lower offset version of the T100, so bending the T100S weak gave it a slightly better look to my eye. It doesn't make a massive difference, but I can see noticeably less offset now. I like the Epic Max LS. It seems to be a good combination of forgiveness and lower spin. Glad to hear you're enjoying it as well. I've been a Titleist driver guy for quite a while, but I'm really enjoying the Callaway so far.
  6. Sorry man, but I'm not making it up or guessing. This isn't speculation; I literally saw it during testing. Again, I don't know about the T100, but the T100s I'm sure about. It was almost completely finished -- badging and everything.
  7. It still looks like a cavity back, so I'd say it looks like a cross between a smaller U500 and a 710 CB. That's not a great way to describe it, but that's the way I remember it.
  8. I'm not sure -- the T100S is the only iron I saw. Because they're not coming out with a new MB or CB, I'm guessing they're going to making solid changes to the entire T range.
  9. If that's what you want, you're going to be happy!
  10. It's much, much cleaner then the current T100. I suppose they could change the finish, but what I saw was all satin and beautiful. It wasn't half chrome and half satin like the current one. This is just me, but I get dizzy looking at the back of my current T100s; you definitely won't have that experience with the new model.
  11. 100% agree. Preliminary reports were that the sound wasn't too different from the T100s. It's good to see that, even with that info, Titleist is still striving to make the sound identical to the current T100s.
  12. I'm not sure when Titleist will provide additional information. I was told they're still working to make sure the sound is the same as last year's, non-hollow-body iron. Initial reactions were that it was slightly harder sounding, but Titleist recognized it and are addressing. I was told the last step was to send the near-finalized iron to Aaron Dill, who was going to be working on the sole of this iron. I was excited about the new Apex Pros but was seriously let down by the feel. However, Titleist is working hard to make this hollow-bodied iron feel the same as the current T100. Based on the testing they've done, from a look and feel standpoint, most testers couldn't tell the difference between the new T100S and last years from a feel, sound, and looks at address perspective. Titleist is going to sell a ton of these irons!
  13. You're exactly right -- the tech is hidden. Honestly, it looks even better than the current T100S from the back (much cleaner looking) and absolutely identical to the current model at address.
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