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  1. Yep, I still have them. If they had less offset, they'd probably still be in my bag.
  2. Given what I've heard about this shaft (just the TXG videos), Scotty is probably a good candidate for it. He's been playing a longer shaft for a little while now, and he has such a smooth transition and great tempo that he can control it.
  3. Sorry if this has been touched on elsewhere, but what is the Tensei White K? Is this the 2.0 prototype that has been discussed in other threads?
  4. Sorry if this has already been addressed, but looking at the photos it seems like the Apex Pro will now have a satin finish...is that correct? With the Apex MB moving away from the high chrome mirror finish, it makes sense that the Apex Pro would also, but I (part of the minority I believe) really enjoy the high chrome finish so would be disappointed if they went away from it. It does, however, look like the TCB may still have the high chrome finish.
  5. Looking at the video again, he's clearly playing the 680s in the video, so I agree with all of you.
  6. I can't imagine Adam Scott would ever leave Titleist, but I've been seeing pictures of him lately with a Uniqlo (his clothing sponsor) and not a Titleist hat. I know that seems trivial, but he also posted something a few days ago saying "New Year, New Gear". Again, I seriously doubt he'd change clubs (especially getting rid of his trusty 680s), but has anyone heard anything?
  7. I like seeing Bryson get involved with his equipment. Manufacturers are always striving to innovate, which is great, but they're under a lot of pressure to develop a new product in a set period of time. Someone like Bryson, who is (for better or worse) extremely innovative, essentially has no restrictions or red tape or set timeframe in which to "improve" the current product. I'll be interested to see if any new products or technologies come out of his larger role in golf-ball design.
  8. I'm slightly confused. I said that I went with the T100S PW, 2 degrees week, so it's 46. So I agree with you -- mine is 46.
  9. Hey Greg, Is he definitely paying the new V1x? I'm sure you're right, but he's always played the normal V1, so that would be pretty different if he made that switch. Thanks for all your help; you're the best in the business!
  10. Very interesting! I noticed in some of the other photos of Adam hitting driver that the grip's logo wasn't straight. He always has tour velvets with the logo down, so it makes me think he's just testing the shaft out and hasn't gotten it dialed in yet. It will be really interesting to see if the Ventus makes it into play on Thursday.
  11. Hi everyone, I've got a few great items for sale today. All prices are OBO and include USPS priority 3-day shipping in the continental US. Ventus Black (Velocore) 6X 44 inches tip to grip, so it will play 45.5 in a Taylormade driver Untipped Absolutely perfect shape TM adapter Multicompund grip Price: $SOLD 2019 Toulon Austin Stroke Lab 33 inches 360 gram headweight Stroke Lab shaft Golf Pride Tour SNSR Grip Stock headcover in
  12. I'm happy to see you were getting lower spin with the TSI3. I know we're talking different shafts and different strikes, but I still find that impressive.
  13. I'm out at TPC Tampa Bay now. It's a bit of a drive, but the price is right and I like the course. Where do you belong now?
  14. I wanted to provide an update after testing the TSi3 head-to-head with my SIM on the course this weekend. Everything that I saw in the simulator played out on the course yesterday. On solid strikes, the balls were in very similar spots; however, mishits with the TSi3 were noticeably longer and more accurate. I still prefer the dull acoustics of the SIM, but the TSI3 (with a stiff shaft that wasn't at all strong enough for my SS) performed better. I'll be ordering the TSi3 soon.
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