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  1. I was able to hit the TSi3 tonight at PGA Tour Superstore directly against my gamer with actual balls (TP5). I was extremely impressed by the look and feel of the TSi3. However, I was even more impressed by the ball speed. I hit both my gamer (SIM) and the TSi3 quite a bit, and the Titleist consistently had higher ball speeds. On average, my ball speed with the SIM was 172 -- with the TSi3, it was 176. The consistency of ball speed on poor strikes impressed me more than anything -- my poor strikes with the TSi3 resulted in much better ball speed retention than the SIM. Here
  2. I haven't had that happen with the white versions. However, the last dozen I had of the yellow TP5s (could have been just a bad batch) tore up super quickly with solidly-struck wedges. That was the first time I tried the yellow TP5s, so I'm hoping it was a bad batch rather than a consistent issue with them. It was very disappointing though.
  3. I agree that they're due for an update. However, I must say, the TP5 is such a great ball for me that I hope the changes are small. Definitely a good time to buy a few dozen with the price reduction.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm selling 3 back-up shafts -- one for the driver and two fairway wood shafts. Prices are OBO and will include Priority 2-Day Shipping in the continental US. Aldila Proto ATX Green with Graphene 75 TX Bought this shaft new directly from TollBros It's very low spin but maintains a really good feel Plays 45 inches in my driver (43.5 raw length) Very little use, so it's in amazing shape Taylormade adaptor New Golf Pride Z cord Price: $SOLD Mitsubishi ZF 80 TX
  5. 1. TPC Tampa Bay 2. Tampa, FL 5. 2.2 4. Taylormade SIM, 9.0 degrees, with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5TX 5. Yes 6. TSi3 7. Absolutely
  6. Yep, 2 weak on the PW as well. You're not alone -- every time I pull that club and see the wrong loft stamped, it makes me uncomfortable haha!
  7. Hi everyone, The listed prices are OBO and including Priority 2-day shipping in the contiguous US. Titleist AP3 (718) 5-GW Standard loft, length, and lie Project X LZ 5.5 Tour Velvet This set is in very good condition Price: $SOLD Evnroll ER 2.2 34 inches 370 grams Super Stroke Pistol GT Tour with 25 gram weight Comes with a Scotty Cameron headcover Price: $285 $250
  8. That's a really good point. As a recent TP5 convert, I'm unhappy with any ball that has less than 5 layers haha!
  9. I think they could add another layer to the Pro V1. The V1x is a 4-piece ball, but the V1 remains one of the few high-performance balls with only 3 layers.
  10. I read in another thread (maybe the TSi Driver thread) that the new V1x may be a bit higher spinning (greenside) and softer feeling. I agree that Titleist doesn't need to do anything drastic, but with how successful the TP5 has been, I would like to see them tweak the normal V1 a bit more.
  11. I had the MP20 blades before these, and I honestly think the T100-S bent is very similar in size and offset.
  12. I'm going to take them out tomorrow, so I'll see how the added bounce impacts contact. Honestly, I'm fairly steep and a bit of a digger, so I think the extra bounce may help me. I knew weakening them would produce less offset, but I'm actually surprised at how differently they look versus the standard T100s.
  13. I hate offset, plain and simple. Because of that, even though Titleist made, in my opinion, a huge improvement with the T100s, I still wanted a little less. I decided to go with the T100-s and bend them 2 degrees weak to reduce offset and keep the same lofts as the standard T100. I'm not sure how clear it is in the picture, but I just got the irons today and the lack of offset is amazing. They honestly have less offset than most blades I've owned.
  14. Your right -- those are the competitors. Maybe not the 770 (closer to the P7MC in my opinion), but the rest are correct.
  15. Great putter. I have a 615 with the same milling pattern and it does feel great and roll well. Congrats!
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