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  1. [quote name='Jwowzer' timestamp='1431840473' post='11572410'] [quote name='rbilramz' timestamp='1431839200' post='11572358'] Is there a difference between the normal and TP heads? I thought the only difference in drivers was the shaft. I know the 3-wood heads are different [/quote] Yes, the AeroBurner heads are different, whereas the R15 "TP" is just an upgraded shaft. [/quote] R15 TP has a hotmelt port, standard head doesn't.
  2. [quote name='Oscar0' timestamp='1424586261' post='11002339'] I have the SLDR driver, and want to try Upright setting, What's the difference in trajectory/distance etc? thanks [/quote] Upright will tend to draw more
  3. While I was on the putting green at the Sony Open I got to meet Mark Cokewell of Rosemark golf. He just started the company back in May and already has his grips on the PGA and Champions tour, Kenny Perry is even playing with one of the models. I was able to get a few different models from him to try out. The thing that caught my attention was when he told me the smaller model was only 30 grams. I have always had problems feeling the head of my Daytona 12 and I thought this would be a perfect solution. I love that it is slightly oversized, but extremely light. If you have been following this t
  4. Was talking to Scotty yesterday. There are a couple different metals around/ behind the insert for a better feel. He was also saying something about how the insert helped with alignment.
  5. [quote name='2659edward' timestamp='1420644327' post='10701061'] [quote name='KYMAR' timestamp='1420643328' post='10700975'] [quote name='crazy8golfer' timestamp='1420642937' post='10700919'] This putter looks very nice, but I will have to keep rotating one of my 30 Scotty's. [/quote] Winner! Not-so-Passive-brag of the day! Grats! Nice putter, I like the look of the insert but I'm garbage with a plumbers neck so probably not for me. [/quote] We can hope for a nice Monte Carlo or Fontana! [/quote] there are
  6. I work taylormade demo days. That sometimes happens when you don't screw the head on properly.
  7. [quote name='MR. MP67' timestamp='1418502406' post='10588775'] Any plans for Taylormade logo'ed 2015 Polo shirts ? [/quote] not for the public
  8. the bags have been out for a while now. Hats and other 2015 accessories will be out January 5th
  9. TaylorMade's customer service is amazing. A screw came out of the leg on my stand bag. I called them and asked for a replacement screw and they sent me an entirely new bag. I also had a little crack on my R1 and they sent me a brand new SLDR. Great people there in Carlsbad.
  10. I got a Tour Issue COR tested SLDR from the kingdom and it has a toe screw. Theres nothing special about the toe screw. The toe plate on the Tour Issue heads are also different from the stock SLDR toe plate
  11. I help fit at taylormade demo days and when we use flightscope we always take out the best hit and the worst hit. Did he take out all of your best shots on your g20?
  12. Im not a fan of the sliding weight in the fairway woods... When I gamed the RBZ woods the slot would often get mud stuck in it. The R15 looks like it will be even harder to clean
  13. [quote name='jll62' timestamp='1415846602' post='10438509'] [quote name='tspeice87' timestamp='1415837852' post='10437719'] Am I the only person that doesn't care for the headcover? [/quote] Not everyone cares for this style head cover. However, go take a look at it in person once it's available. My picture doesn't do it justice. I had a "wow!" reaction immediately. You might feel differently once you've seen it for yourself. (or maybe it's just my one off hashtag...ha!) [/quote] Im so jealous of you! TM wont even send things to the #BuildTheClub participants
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