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  1. A few that come to mind, but the list is long... Some solos, some bodies of work... Page's live extended solos at Earls Court on Over the Hills and Far Away, Trampled Under Foot and In My Time of Dying. Derek Trucks on just about everything. Layla Clapton/Duane Drop Dead Legs and Girl Gone Bad intros, solos and outros by EVH Mick Taylor on the classic stones albums Gary Richrath and that classic 70s LP tone
  2. My names Francis Sawyer, people call me Psycho. You touch my stuff, I'll kill ya...
  3. All good man. I'm an A's fan as well. Was going to games all the way back to Rickey Hendersons rookie year through 2000 till I moved away. Lots of great memories at the Coliseum. Play off games, world series, bench clearing brawls, opening days, a Nolan Ryan no hitter, Eric Chavez hit for the cycle, taking BART to day games as a 14 year old with no parental knowledge, the old real bleacher seats for $3, BP ball hunting. Great times
  4. https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/majors/misc.shtml Look here and expand the rows. I love the game. I'm 47. I played it. I watched it religiously every night and used to go to 20+ games a year...but when it's now as long as a football and is a game of nuance, strategy and not constant movement/action, there's a reason casual fans are losing interest and older fans are frustrated. Another reason for losing fans is it's a specialization game from youth baseball all the way up. As kids you played baseball in spring, soccer or football in fall and basketball in winter. Most kids played it. Now it's mostly about travel ball and year round play...and only the best kids play or kids with the parents with the deepest pockets...but that's another thread. So the game is losing older fans and not gaining as many new ones. The irony is the game (business?) did it to itself.
  5. Can't do that either, except for maybe Masters Sunday. I just miss the days when a NL game used to take about 2.5hrs, AL was about 2.75. It didn't used to be 3+ hours. You'd think with the all strikeouts it wouldn't be like this and the pitching change rules haven't helped (but were necessary). Are the players more talented today? Yes. Is the game as good as it used to be? Don't think so...
  6. As a a jaded former MLB fan, it was a great event. Sadly the game was like 3.5hrs and while there was a lot right, that's just wrong.
  7. After all he went through, winning East Lake and the following Masters are the stand out moments.
  8. If you want real fun try playing in a CPO scramble.
  9. Laurel, not OA. We are not quite that train wreck but getting close with the absorption of many former Northwoods and Hamilton Mill members.
  10. I'm all ears. I'm in Johns Creek so proximity helps. Primary obstacle to changing clubs is my wife plays during the week with a group of lady friends. To clarify, only one club was outside the tourney (junior event, which is fine..grow the game). The others are interclub, but it's the stacking up that ticks me off with the extra money grab.
  11. I'm clubcorp Atlanta and tee times are hard to come by these days, some of which we can chalk up to COVID. My club however is about to enter the fourth straight week of weekend tournaments, all with extra fees. Next week is the same, so 5 straight weeks. I work Monday through Friday, so unless I take time off, weekends are my only opportunity to play. I'm paying $600+ a month for club I basically can't use for 5 straight weeks (unless I pay more to play in a tournament or burn time off.) After the 5th straight week, it's aerification. Does this seem excessive or is this normal? I get the incremental revenue, but this is not a struggling club at all.
  12. While I have one, it's been subbed for a 17 degree hybrid
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