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  1. That Scotty is one of the cleaner ones to come up in a while......
  2. Would you consider selling just the Custom Shop headcover? Is the orange whip for sale?
  3. I bought a set of HMB's so my former gamers have to go! If my prices are off base, feel free to make some reasonable offers No Kool Aid For You!! JPX 900 Forged 4-G, S300's, +1/4", standard loft and lie from what I know, but haven't ever checked them. $475, $425 shipped to the 48. SOLD, and Headed to Cali on the 3rd!! A straight shaft from my Scotty Futura 5s, which is center shafted. Played 35", still has original grip on it. $50, $40 shipped to the 48. Up next is a Fujikura Atmos, 6S Tour Spec shaft with Mizuno driver adapter. Pretty much new. No grip, see the pics for length. $100 $75 shipped to the 48. And last, some older TM driver shafts that I bought and never used. The R1 Phenom was gamed for I don't know how long, the R15 Speeder is basically new. See the pics for length. I'd like to sell as a pair, just for convenience of shipping. $100 $75 shipped for both.
  4. Let's see, looks like a horizontal bandsaw set up for production cutting, a Clausing mill with DRO, a cad plas table and media blast cabinet in a really, really clean shop.... And also, a bunch of nice putters, btw What all do you make in there?
  5. Generally not a Callaway iron guy, but DAMN......
  6. Interested in the 190 head and adapter. Is the adapter new, or was a shaft pulled from it?
  7. So I finally got a minute to compare my old TEE against the ST190G, and the Mizuno is almost 1" shorter. I bought it off of the 'Bay, and it showed up still in plastic, etc etc... The Mizuno website lists stock shafts at 44" and D4 SW. I measure the Atmos that came in it at 43" + or - 1/8th depending on how you want to measure it. Anyone know if the Mizunos are shipped shorter?
  8. It was a made for model, for sure. So it could possibly be just about anything in there.
  9. Ideally, it would probably be best to get fitted by a pro, but the "Rona lockdown is slowing that down. I'm going to split the heads and check weights of them and the shafts separately. The Mizuno head feels heavier by a fair margin, but I'm wondering if that can be attributed to the flex point of the Atmos. My buddy has a new SIM with the Diamana S+ Limited in it, and it feels much more stable than the Atmos, and somewhat similar to my Matrix. I'd be curious to compare the profiles between the three and see if there's a certain trait that stands out.
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