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  1. What is your current gamer putter? Scotty Cameron Studio Style How can Cleveland's SOFT face technology help your putting? More consistent distance control on off center hits What is your favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter? 11s @ 35" If you win, do you agree to write a review on Cleveland's website? Yes
  2. Are SL clubs already MBI matched or they just produce similar results?
  3. XLFootjoyEvery ~3 monthsBetter fit, the fingers are usually too short
  4. You need to explain in terms that they understand. Like if they had a vintage Tiffany vase that was one of a kind and you put a crack in it (granted those vases are worth a lot more). Of i you stained her favorite LV purse that is no longer in production. But i feel for you, its seems that more often now there is a total lack of respect for not just other peoples things, but the value that they put on those things. The attitude seems to be, Everyone should think the same way I do. Hope Drew can restore it.
  5. Ummm, because putting well is really hard? When is the last time you have seen some average close to 1 putt per GIR? Not to mention its not exactly easy to place your second shots onto par5s
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