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  1. Subscribed as well. The ho in me wants to try the 770s but the rational side has held off thus far.
  2. T100 is better if your miss is thin and vice versa. 785 feels softer on pure strikes. Overall forgiveness I couldn’t really see much though I found the 5 iron more forgiving on the 785 for sure. Replaced the t100s 5 iron with a driving iron and solved that little problem. Hope that helps. one suggestion - see if you can find a sample 7 iron on the bay - it’s a great way to test in the grass and on multiple day’s.
  3. I would 110% agree with this as I had the z785 and now have the t100s. I would almost never get the z785 through the turf but I take a nice divot with the t100s. It makes just a little outer strike for my shallow swing.
  4. I just played a full round with mine and it looks like I spoke too soon, it’s going to be a gamer. For some reason, the combo of grip and head weight really flows and it is super stable. The insert feels like butter, better than I remember the white hot pro, but I could be wrong. Lag putting was exceptional today and that’s been my struggle with my spider x. For some reason long distance putts I had issues gauging the speed with the spider. Obviously that’s just me as the best in the world have no issues with it. But the OG just felt RIGHT in my hands. I will say that the milling on top makes
  5. For what it’s worth, they have a super premium head cover and they have really nice milling marks. They are a step above the old white hot pro.
  6. Anybody interested in buying one? I have a 1W slant neck at 34" that just made its maiden voyage to the putting green today. Feels soooooo soooooo sweet. I need something with less offset. I could line up my Spider X a lot better. For some reason I thought the slant neck would be less offset than a plumber's neck. Anyways, I think I'm going to post in BST. PM if you want dibs.
  7. I bought the six and then switched back to stock. Felt like I was leaving a lot of putts short.
  8. I thought about this but am trying a driving iron first. I'm afraid of side spin with the hybrid and the thought of trying to hit precise distance control kind of scares me. It could all be in my head. I do feel like I would take a more reasonable swing with the driving iron versus woods and hybrids where you try to hit it hard as possible. Come to think of it, I think most of these factors are all in my head.
  9. Second that. Now the ho in me wants to test them against my T100S
  10. I got a set of T100S after playing every set you could think of for 10 years. Most recently Z785. Never took a divot, miss was thin, cap was 11. For some reason the thin sole, low bounce, and sharp leading edge caused me to hit down on the ball, and now i take divots with everything down to 7 iron. Cap has gone down to 7. I keep getting scared at the small size but my God i flush them more than anything I've played before. It was a complete revelation for me. I can't stress that enough, folks. I have been TRYING to take divots for years and now I'm there. Brings tears to my eyes (mostly a figu
  11. I take it you're enjoying the Z785s...... and they are a great set of you are steep into impact.
  12. Hi all, first post in a while! Next up is an odyssey milled collection #2 at 34.25" and 350g head weight. Comes with cover, no weight kit. I installed a newly released white KBS CT Tour putter shaft and blue/red leather grip. The head is forged from 1020 carbon and has lovely mill marks. This is a sweet, sweet feeling putter but I went back to old faithful. Asking $400 OBO. Next up, I have two single irons, t100s 7 iron (nippon nspro 105r) and new level 623m 6 iron (tour issue s300). Both standard l,l,l. Can separate shaft if wished. Asking $65 for NL.
  13. Completely agreed. I think I'd give up better performance just to hear my ts2 sound.
  14. G25 4 wood baby. Had that thing since it was new. Change irons like underwear but that 4 wood persists.
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