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  1. Apologies to everyone. I had too many items for sale and had to remove some items. Again, the prices does not include shipping or Paypal fees.
  2. Cleveland Classic 310-10.5*- Miyazaki Kusala Black- Stiff- $100 (Hit approximately 12 times indoors. Small scuff toe side) Callaway XHot Pro 3W 15*- Diamana Blueboard 83s- Stiff-$150 ( Brand New- Purchased directly from Callaway Golf) Ping G15 4W- 17*- Ping TFC 149- Stiff-$100 (Brand new) Mizuno MP H4- 4-9 DG S300- $500 ( six irons. Brand New) Mizuno Mp T104 Forged Putter- $200 each. Brand New. I have 2 for sale Titliest 14-Way Stand Bag- $100 Srixon 5 Way stand bag- $100 **Please, NO TRADES. I NEED THE CASH**. Also, these prices **DO NOT INCLUDE** shipping or **Paypal fees**. Respec
  3. Yes. I think he can still win anywhere but I like his chances at either of the Opens most.
  4. Careful what you wish for!
  5. I'm from South Africa as well. The most common statement you'll hear from SA golf fans is, "we love all our golfers except Rory Sabbatini".
  6. Totally agree with the Billy Foster statement (even though you do have that badge as your avatar) Ultimately, it comes down to the player, his commitment and execution but having one of the best caddies out there can only help. Also, Rory is his generations Colin"Rabbit Ears"Montgomery! You can see him getting visibly annoyed with spectator-jabs all too easy. On a side note, been a supporter of Utd. before Sir Alex and Big Ron. It pains me to see what's happening now.
  7. If Rory is serious about his golf game and contending in major championships again, he needs to take the route DJ did. From where his tee shots end, he has to be one of the worst players I've ever seen. Also, since Billy Foster has split with Westwood, Rory should hire him. I believe an experienced caddie can make a huge difference.
  8. https://www.national...-brooks-koepka/ An article about their work together.
  9. Pete works with Brooks on the short game confirmed by Brooks in a thank you speech after the PGA.
  10. Watched a few videos and it's really cool what Mike and the crew are doing. The guy has a genuine love for the game and people. Love supporting people like him. Just a thought but, for those that want a set like TW irrespective of stampings, get a Group Buy thread going.
  11. For me it's simple; Tiger- Greatest player. Jack- Greatest major champion. Maybe. Health, deeper fields and father time! No. To me , he's played the greatest golf already making him the greatest!
  12. Late to the party but, Sunday was special and more so because like most, I never thought I'd see Tiger healthy enough to compete again. Many will debate Tigers' place in sports history but for me, he sits on top. He's not alone though and I'll let the experts debate that list. This Tiger looks happy, healthy and humble. One of the most memorable performances for me was the 06 Open. Tiger hit 1 Driver all week, layed up short of trouble and hit 4 and 5 irons into greens. He was at his surgical best. This Tiger is starting to resemble a guy that remembers how to play golf from green to tee again
  13. Can you imagine how many calls and emails TM has had to field this morning about those irons?
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