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  1. Price includes shipping. First to Paypal gets the item. CONUS only. Possible trades include: Ventus Blue 60S playing at 45" with Titleist or Taylormade tip Mevo Cheap(ish) blade putters 1. The irons that I thought I would never get rid of. Played with them for 2 years but moved on to something a little more forgiving as the game has slipped. Black Miura CB-1008 4-PW with black $-Taper 120S shafts at standard length. Irons show a couple seasons of wear and as they are raw there is some slight rusting on them that can probably be removed with a little effort but I liked the way they looked. - $SOLD 2. Almost new Tensei 1K 50S shaft with Titleist tip. This shaft has seen two rounds and was purchased directly from Will Peoples. Plays at 45" in a Titleist TSI3. Has a Golf Pride tour velvet 360 grip. Great shaft just had to go to something heavier. - $SOLD 3. Titleist 716 T-MB 3-9 and Vokey black 46 degree PW. - 4-PW have black $-Taper 120S shafts with orange No1 grips and the 3 -iron has a C-taper Lite 115 shaft- $SOLD
  2. Up for sale are two items. First to Paypal will receive the item as I will not hold them. CONUS only. Thanks for looking! 1. Scotty Cameron 1998 Xperimental TEI3 Long Neck- This plays at 34" and is my gamer and the condition shows it. Has the ping blackout grip on it. Will come with a generic headcover as I do not have the original. $SOLD 2. Tensei Pro Blue- Flex is stiff. Grip is Tour velvet align and is in good shape. Titleist adapter and measures just a hair under 44" tip to grip. Played at 45" for me. No tipping- $SOLD
  3. Up for sale is one item today. It is a Tensei Pro Blue 60 stiff with a Titleist tip. Measures ever so slightly under 44" tip to grip. This shaft has not been tipped. Grip is a brand new GP TV Align with the align piece on the "1" setting of the adapter. Shipping is included. First to paypal gets. CONUS only. -$160
  4. Pick up these shafts in a recent deal here and need to unload to get one that fits. All are in great condition with good Golf Pride grips and Titleist adapters.. They measure just about 44" tip to end of grip and play just a little over 45". Want to sell as a lot. If you are interested in a particular one let me know but I am giving a very good deal to buy them all and not deal with the hassle of shipping individually. First to PayPal gets. CONUS only and shipping is included in price. $SOLD Only trade interest is a Tensei Pro White 60S untipped. Diamana S+- 60SKuro Kage Silver- 60SHzrdous Smoke- 5.5Tensei CK Blue- 60SEvenflow-60S
  5. For sale are a couple of items today. First to paypal will get. CONUS only. Prices include shipping. 1. Mizuno MP18 4-PW combo set. 4-7 are MMC and 8-PW are SC. These were built by True Spec golf and the shafts have been spine aligned. Swingweights go from D1 at the 4 to D3 at the PW. These play at standard length, lie and loft. Shafts are KBS Tour V 110- Stiff. Grips have 1/4 of a season on them and are grey golf pride 360 with two wraps. - $sold 2. Vokey SM7 Jet black with black S400 tour issue shaft. This is the 60 degree D grind with 12 degrees of bounce. -$sold
  6. This is great. It very well could be a swing issue but I struggled with left forever until I got fit and the tour v iron shafts and the tensei pro white wood shaft stopped the left. Even on swings that would have gone left in the past stopped. No swing change. What I am saying is there is hope to take the easy way out. I did.
  7. Only one item up for sale today and that is an Odyssey Lucky 777 SB 34" putter. Really good shape. Comes with the headcover. Headcover has had some good usage on it and shows a little wear but still works fine. Has brand new superstroke ultra slim 1.0 grip. No idea why the pictures are sideways.-$298 ——> $248
  8. Three items up for sale today. No trades except Mp-18 FliHi 3iron. Prices include shipping and will sell to CONUS only. First to paypal gets the item. 1. M3 10.5 degree head with the headcover. Great condition. One extremely small nick on the toe you can see in the pictures that cannot be seen at address. - $SOLD 2. Scotty Newport- Has the matador grip and plays at 33.5". 15 gram weights. Comes with headcover. Great condition!- $SOLD 3. M1 3HL 2017 version. Fujikura pro 70S shaft plays about 42.5" with D2 SW. - $SOLD
  9. Need to build up some funds for a couple more purchases. Trade interests are an M3 10.5 head and a MMC Fli-Hi 3 iron. First paypal gets the item. CONUS only and price includes shipping. 1. Scotty Golo 5- Great condition plays at 33.5. Does not come with headcover. Has new scotty pistolero black grip. $175 2. M1 3HL- Has a Fujikura Pro 70S shaft. Plays at 42.5 and D2 swingweight. No headcover or wrench. $100 3. 915F- 16.5 degrees with fujikura motore speeder tour spec 7.2 stiff shaft. Plays at 42.5 and D2. Comes with the headcover. No wrench. -$SOLD 4. Odyssey Versa Works #7 putter- Great condition. Plays at 34" and comes with headcover. $SOLD
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