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  1. I agree with what others have said. If you can get fit for the Driver, do that. I have learned that my game is very shaft dependent. So I now have the same shaft in Ping (G400 version and older) and Callaway. It lets me try heads and just fits me better. If I had the new adaptor on mine I would probably have gotten a 410 by now, but because they switched, it has saved me some money!
  2. I haven't seen a metal center DCT. Would be very interesting to hit. You would know if you hit the center of the putter face or not!
  3. adh2k1

    5.5* Driver

    I play a 6.5 degree driver. I currently set it at +1 but that is more of a spin issue than launch. I do not swing my driver very fast, I would guess upper 90's but this keeps me out of trouble the most and I can get pretty good distance out of it. I would say I picked up about 10-15 yards over both of my Sub Zero Callaways. Like everything great, it eventually goes away. I have had this head for about 4 years, but it never stays in the bag for a full year.
  4. I bought it for the head and planned on changing the shaft, but for some reason I hit it well with the Tour Green R in it.My launch is so high, that this is the best way for me to get the most out of a driver. I've tried low spin heads and shafts but I have to just get my loft way down there. Definitely not for everyone and it makes it really hard to find heads. I'm sort of hoping the Bryson fad catches on and a manufacturer makes a 7.5 driver again!
  5. I recently saw someone that had an ongoing WITB thread on here and thought that was a great idea even just for posterity sake. So here it goes for this month/week for me! June 2020 WITB Driver: Callaway XR 15 6.5LD (set to +1) with Epic HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 5 Wood: Callaway X2Hot 5deep with Tour Green R Hybrids: Callaway Heavenwood 20, 23 with RCH Firm Irons: (4) TEE CBProH 4 (24) with Fuji Fuel S, (6-U) Ping i200 Orange Dot with Ping AWT 2.0 S Wedges: 54 Callaway MD4 C Grind 3* Flat, 64 Callaway PM Grind with KBS Wedge Putter: Bettinardi Studio 28 Arm Lock, Ping Craz-e H G5i
  6. Yeah it's broke. If you are on a keyboard, you can just hit the tab key and then type. I am guessing there is something messed up with their JS and it broke something. A click listener of some sort. Note to WRX: Hire me! I'm cheap and will work for golf stuff!
  7. Just curious. Who made a 9 degree hybrid? or is that supposed to be a 19?
  8. I have tried it a few times, but I need that backup club off the tee. If I am not swinging the greatest, usually a 2 or 3 iron isn't a great idea. When I did it I went anywhere from 16 degrees of loft up to 21 with my driver usually around 8-9 degree.
  9. Drivers.... Partially because I probably pay more for my drivers than most putters. I think I have paid more than $300 maybe once for a putter, but probably 10 drivers at least that amount.
  10. I have too many sets of clubs. I used 3 different sets last year and while my handicap is at its lowest ever I have noticed one thing. Whenever I play my best for the longest period of time, it is with my blades. The Apex pro's are probably the most consistent, but when I am hitting the ball well nothing seems to score as well as a blade. I like bouncing back and forth between something more forgiving if I just don't want to force things. Not sure why that is. That being said, I am starting off the season with the Apex Pros, but I envision that I will play at least a few dozen rounds with the
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