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  1. 99.99% certain it's carbon. Also dropping to $350 shipped. Thanks for the interest everyone.
  2. Selling a Byron DH89. 350g head, 35” length. Torched glass blast finish. Top sight line and minimal stampings. It was my gamer for a few years and has developed a bit of patina. It has a few bumps and bruises and is priced accordingly. Currently has an Iomic grip on it. Somehow the end of the grip got punched out (see picture). Includes black Byron magnetic headcover. $380 $350 SOLD shipped. Not looking for any trades at the moment. Thanks in advance!
  3. Not looking for much, but would be interested in a Scotty Phantom X 5.5, 34”
  4. Decided to let this beautiful set go. Used for 7-8 rounds and a few range sessions. Srixon Z765’s, 3-P, standard L/L/L. Tour issue DG S300 shafts Golf Pride NDMC Black/red in excellent shape. No need to change them out. $625 shipped. SOLD
  5. @scotty_2987 what's the first one? Almost looks like an H14, but the sight line is different. I want one!
  6. Very cool. Great write up. Thanks for sharing. I’m in SA and would love to make it up there one day for a fitting.
  7. I know this post is 7 months old, but how is Buckhorn for walking? I am wanting to start walking more and a lot of the courses near here aren't exactly set up green-to-tee for walking.
  8. I recently picked up an Epic Speed driver from Callaway Pre Owned and noticed the serial number starts with TCF. Does that still signify tour issue from Callaway? Just pure luck of the draw to get one from CPO?
  9. I would say it depends on how the PM fits you. If the PM small is already a snug fit, I'd go medium in the H&B. If you have some room in the PM, then the small H&B would most likely work.
  10. I picked up two Holderness & Bourne shirts after reading through this thread. Love em. Great tailored fit in the medium. I'm hoping they hold up as well as the Peter Millar's do over time.
  11. Clearing a few items out this morning. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. 1. Dynamic Gold X100 shafts. 3-P. The 3 iron shaft is a Tour Issue and is new, the rest are standard X100 and are pulls. $75 SOLD 2. Titleist 712u 2 iron. KBS C-Taper 125 S+. Titleist Golf Pride grip. Excellent condition. $95 SOLD 3. Taylormade R1 driver. 10deg. Matrix Ozik 7M3 X flex shaft. Club is in great shape. The face angle wheel has a dent from contacting tees but doesn't affect function in any way. Includes head cover, no tool. $105 4. Royalty Sports Str8 Flush Putter. 34", 3.5deg loft, RH. Brand new, never used. $300 SOLD IM with any questions or offers. Thanks in advance!
  12. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing. I am headed to Bandon in early September for the first time. Cannot wait.
  13. I'm using the same setup right now. I think it fits Group #16. D 3w 2H 3-9 (set) PW, 52, 56 Putter I may end up swapping the 52 for a 50 here soon. a 45deg PW is leaving a big gap between that and the 52.
  14. Funds sent for the following: 1. Ventus black velocore 7x taylormade tip 43.25” -$235 Thanks!
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