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  1. This is for you guys that play in leagues, do you know what software program your league uses? Our course/leagues are looking to switch programs for leagues and I was curious if any of you had any suggestions.
  2. I got Bryson, I didn't recognize Stricker or Simpson. Not sure which of Tony Soprano's lieutenants that is in front of Patrick Reed, but I think it's the one who ordered the hit on Uncle Junior. +1 for the Sopranos reference. Well done
  3. I have two passes also if anyone wants them. Just send me a PM and I will mail them to you.
  4. Playing Black Bear in Vanderbilt, groupgolfer passes, this Saturday. Any recommendations for a bar to watch Michigan game in the area, other than the obvious BW3 in Gaylord?
  5. I play Eagle Glen quite regularly. After 4:00 it's $25.00 for 18 and a cart. Don't think you will find a better deal in the area.
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