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  1. I live in TN, USA...was adamant it was 25 days from when order was received until hitting the dock. Add in 4-7 for delivery, seems correct to me. International, you will definitely have to wait longer. I am waiting 2+ weeks for my stuff (non golf) off the docks versus normal timing. It's Covid, hurry up and wait, then wait some more. Excuse or not, it's going to happen. Honestly raw materials are what is hampering everyone. We hired 425 new people, but are still behind on delivery due to supplier shortages. It sucks, but it is what it is. I have a 1 year old Maytag washer that decided to say "F U" last week. Hour and a half on the phone for service, 1 week till service call, came out, no parts on hand. 2 weeks for parts (min), another week for them to get out here (backed up), maybe I have a functional washer again...it is what it is, suck it all, COVID-19
  2. Talked to a "Master Ping Fitter" that was filling in on the phones due to Covid, asked specifically about G710's, he said earliest they would ship would be 25 days.
  3. Not much to say here, both are brand new, in plastic. T22 comes in bag - opened to check contents, Phantom does not come in a bag. **T22 - $SOLD!!! Phantom X 6 - $SOLD!!! Not Looking for Trades** Story on the T22 ~ I got in late to the game and bought this 34" for $699 charity deal through 2nd Swing, with the intention to lengthen it. Ended up scoring the size I need, 35"...did not want to mess with lengthen the original one as some one will probably appreciate it as is. That said, not gouging on the price, pretty much just what I paid for it once shipping and paypal fees are added in. Thanks for looking, sorry for the rough pictures!
  4. Off to auction... **Not really interested in trades at this time, Ca$h is KinG!** Brand new Toulon Garage Rochester Black Pearl finish, 34.75", Toulon SuperStroke pistol GT 2.0, 25g counterweight, Garage headcover included. Never seen the course, comes with Certificate of Authenticity, original grip, original box and note from Sean Toulon himself. Putter was extended out from 33.75" to 34.75" and for some reason there is some slight discoloration on the SS grip. Flawless otherwise! **Asking ~~$395.00 shipped** Odyssey Works Black 1 Wide S - 35", again, carpet roller only, regripped with GP SNSR 104CC (smaller one), correct headcover **Asking ~~$110.00 to your door**
  5. Damn, I don’t know, but think I sent you a message?!?
  6. TS2 package sold to a nice man that has a similar addiction to drivers as I do....thank you sir!
  7. PM me on parts and parcels, would like to have a shaft buyer and a head buyer before letting it go...
  8. Heading out of town on Thursday for a week, so need to move these tonight to get them in the mail tomorrow. PLEASE, no trades, just picked up what could be my Unicorn driver and have a stable of putters I will never get through...Ca$H is KinG!!! 1) Titleist TS2 Package - 9.5* head, struck 10 times, plastic still on bottom of driver, DEAD MINT ~ comes with both the white Evenflow 6.0 and Smoke 6.0 shafts, with proper headcover in plastic along with tool. Asking $SOLD for package, really no interest in splitting this one up 2) Ping Sigma 2 Tyne - Black Dott, putted on carpet, perfect! Comes with proper headcover and tool which I forgot to put in the photos Asking $SOLD for this one 3) Odyssey Works Black 1 Wide S - 35", again, carpet roller only, regripped with GP SNSR 104CC (smaller one), correct headcover Asking $129.00 to your door
  9. 3 great flat sticks up for sale through the weekend! Just purchased a nice Byron that I need to help fund, so not looking for trades. Ca$h is KinG! 1) Bettinardi QB6 ~ Mint condition, 35", Winn 1.18 grip and original grip included. Headcover included as well, couple of small marks on headcover. Pictures tell the story, putter itself doesn't look like it has been gamed. Asking $SOLD shipped Priority Mail through Paypal 2) Cameron 5.5M ~ Again mint condition, 35", 10g weights, stock grip and headcover. Pics below... Asking $SOLD shipped Priority Mail through Paypal 3) Ping Vault Arna ~ Excellent condition, 35", red dot, Ping PP60 grip, stock headcover. Asking $169.00 $ 149.00 OBRO shipped Priority Mail through Paypal 4) New in bag, Odyssey No 3 Jacks Mallet Headcover Asking $SOLD shipped Priority Mail through Paypal
  10. Bag is set, need to replenish funds so please no trades....Ca$H is KinG!!! 1) Mint condition Cameron Roundback ~ 34" with stock Cameron grip. Comes with headcover, perfect condition...15g weights $SOLD shipped to your door 2) Mint Odyssey EXO 7s ~ 35" with stock Superstroke grip and headcover. Again as new.... $185.00 shipped to your door - last chance at auction now with bids....
  11. Heading to the Post Office today, thought I would see if this would sell quickly or not... Please no trades unless you have a MINT Byron Dalehead 89 in 35" laying around. Titleist TS3 9.5* Head with Headcover - no wrench, but let me know if you need one, i'll hunt for something that will work. Pretty much DEAD MINT, little scuff on the bottom is all I can see as an imperfection. Standard weight installed. TS2 head worked better for me. $SOLD shipped through Paypal USPS Priority
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