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  1. I actually changed sets at the same time, but pretty much. Bent PW to 50, 9i to 45.5, 8 to 41, 7 to 37, etc. Functionally it’s no different than playing a set 4i-GW (what I’d buy if getting something new today (like T100) but mine are labeled 3i-PW. My gaps are about 2 yards larger at the bottom than they used to be, but in exchange I got to close a significant gap at the top of my back that coincides with my approach distance on some par 5s and long par 3s.
  2. 50* PW, 55* SW, 60* LW. I find that I tend to use my PW/GW as 10/11 irons, so I went ahead and pulled something together where through the typical 50* GW slot I was using clubs that match my iron set. It works for me and I don't feel like I am missing anything after making the switch from a 48/52/56/60 setup. That said, I don't think it really matters so long as you have a set that covers all the shots you are likely to hit in the bag. The strong lofts do kinda make me chuckle sometimes though - last weekend I played with a guy who was tickled to death that he hit an 8 iron on a p
  3. Seems like for the last several cycles, all the big names are releasing high quality products. I really don't think there will ever again be one that stands head (pun intended) and shoulders above the rest. For most players, there are probably several options that they could be optimally fit into and the decision making will be based more on personal preferences such as looks, sound, feel, and brand loyalty than it has been in the past.
  4. 1. City and State? - Houston, TX 2. Handicap? - 2.9 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? - ZX7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? - Yes 4. Current Iron setup? - Mizuno MP64 or MP68 (3-PW) depending on the day 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? - I love my MP64's and think good one piece forged CBs are the perfect balance of tech/tradition for my game. However, I'm not getting any younger and don't get to practice as much as I'd like, so I am extremely interested to see how the ZX7 long irons w/ the t
  5. Last summer I finally put in the practice time to get comfortable hitting chips with lower lofted clubs (50* PW, 41* 8i, 33* 6i) and they are shots I find immensely useful. More predictable out of light rough and I am getting very consistent results from the fringe. I use my LW for pretty much everything else around the green as it is what I've practiced the most with and I feel like I have the most control over. Sometimes the lie or conditions will send me to use something else, but on the course I stick to what I feel comfortable with.
  6. When I was a kid my family used to spend a week each summer on Hilton Head. Harbor Towns junior rate, at least back then, was absurdly low. I could play before 7 or after 3 for something like $50. Spent more than one day waking up early, playing golf, meeting my family at the beach, then going to play more golf. Man those were the days... Memorial Park in Houston, for residents, is outstanding value in my mind. The course is a tour stop, is in great shape considering the volume of rounds it does (~60k per year ), has plenty of strategic interest courtesy of the Doak redesign, and
  7. Flexible on condition so long as price is commiserate with the exception of excessive damage to the top-line.
  8. Hey, I recognize those irons! I love raw finish at address, zero glare by the ball. Since going in the bag I have yet to play around without someone commenting on them and have had a legitimate offer to buy them. Do it OP! Can recommend Doug Oughton’s work enough - extremely high quality and very reasonably priced.
  9. I made the switch about a month, and while I haven't had enough time on the course to make an informed decision about whether or not it will stay in the bag, I am cautiously optimistic. I for years played my driver at 45.25". Late-summer I bought into the idea that playing something shorter was better. Although I liked the concept and enjoyed the shaft I was using, my overall driving data didn't improve in a statistically significant way. What I've realized is that my driving has been a strength of mine all along and that my misses stem from face angle issues rather than strike location varian
  10. I’ll counter the above. I’m 6’4” and play well over-length clubs after much experimentation. I just feel so much more comfortable standing over the ball and am better able to make my natural swing. I’m also better able to have long range sessions without back pain the next day. I have structured my set to have compressed gapping so that I play my clubs more over length at the bottom than the top mitigating some of the issues you mention. Using lighter weight Mizuno heads, I was able to get my swing weights to D2, so it’s definitely feasible.
  11. Some golfers prefer a heavy swing weight, but it doesn’t work for most people. It’s not about strength, per-se, it’s about the feel of the club and how that impacts tempo. “Standard” would usually be a swing weight of D2 (range is from C-E & 0-9). Wedges might normally be around D4-6, woods often come in around D0-D2. For most people this feels about right. Even most tour pros, including some of the strongest such as DG and Tiger, play clubs in this general low-to-mid D range. Adding 2 inches to the build (not outside of the realm of possibility for someone 6’7”) would add 12 swing-weight
  12. I’m not quite as tall as you, but I’m not too far off either. If you are committed to enjoying the game for years to come, I’d suggest going and getting fitted ASAP. You’ll find it much easier to improve if you have clubs that are appropriate for your frame and allow you to setup comfortably to the ball. After a lot of trial and error, I found my Goldilocks by playing my LW at 1.75” over “standard,” using 1/4” gaps through my 9 iron, and then using 3/8” vs normal 1/2” gaps the rest of the way up. That way I feel comfortable at address over the wedges and short clubs, but don’t have so
  13. I think it is probably true that most golfers - many of whom only play a few rounds a year - equate visually-lush green conditions with quality. But just because that is currently the case doesn't mean that courses should, necessarily cater to those preferences. I think it'd be better for the long term health of the game for the golf-establishment to actively try and educate the golfing public about the seasonal variation in turf color and how it doesn't relate to the quality of the golf itself. It'd lower maintenance costs in the long run, be more environmentally sustainable, and allow superi
  14. Sometimes you hit it and you just know. Usually a <5 yard high fade for me. I love smoking one, grabbing the tee, and walking back to the bag to watch it land/roll-out. I’m trying to do better about being happy with anything that leaves me a reasonable approach and accepting good misses, but it’s not always easy.
  15. Not crazy. You seem to understand it might not be the most-optimal fit, but so long as you are confident in the feel and performance of the shaft in your fairway I won’t worry about it being a poor fit in the driver. I played the exact same shaft (weight and all) in both driver and 3 wood for years without concern. Some people chase optimization price be-darned and others look to find the something that they know will work, but will leave plenty of money in the hobby-fund for balls and more rounds even if they know they are leaving a few yards on the table (I’m in this category, mo
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