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  1. I walk almost all of my rounds, and always take a full set of 14 clubs. This summer has been pretty rough having to carry all the water I’ll need for the round due to there being no coolers on the course (usually about 8# of water). I really don’t find it bothersome to carry at all. The key is to make sure your straps are adjusted to evenly distribute the weight laterally between the shoulders and vertically between the shoulders and hips. I do dream of a half set in a Sunday bag... maybe someday when I get to play more than once a week or am a member at a club and can pop
  2. I use a Mizuno MP-H4 2 iron as a driving iron. Though it wasn't marketed as such, it has a hollow-body construction and near-hybrid proportions, such I think it is still an apples-to-apples comparison. I play it at 1" over length w/ a DG x100 shaft. Just making a "stock" swing, I average a 238 carry; I almost never hit that "stock" shot though. I usually am either hitting a soft cut (my guaranteed fairway finder) to about 230 or a lower draw (for breezy days) that carries about 225, but will roll out significantly. I will also occasionally use it from the 235-240 range as an appro
  3. I use a Vokey 58.04 L bent to 60*. I like the low bounce in the LW slot because it gives me the most versatility around the greens. I use a LW as my get out of jail rather than an all-purpose around the green club. Most of my chips are played with either my 50* pitching wedge or 55* SW w/ more bounce. I find this simple 3 club setup works well for me. I use the 50* from 125-60 yards and around the green when I have plenty of green to work with; the 56* from 60 on in, in most bunkers, and when I need to fly the ball half way to the pin; and the 60* when I have a tight lie or am app
  4. The T grind is what you’re after. L also sits pretty close to the ground when laid open.
  5. It takes a lot of diligent work to keep greens the same size they were when constructed. Even at the best courses with the best greens-keeping staff greens will slowly shrink over time (decade +, not months) and eventually need to be rebuilt to maintain the architects intention. For this reason, a lot of older municipal courses and smaller private clubs that can't afford to rebuild end up with postage stamp sized greens. On the other hand, if you are seeing this happen quickly, it may be that they are shrinking the putting surface to save on maintenance costs. Golf is a tough busi
  6. Unfortunately, as with most things golf, there isn't one right answer. It takes time and experimentation to find what works for you. For instance, I 100% believe that modern GI/SGI clubs are longer, more forgiving, and easier to get up into the air than muscle backs and players cavities. However, they don't really work well for my swing. My natural delivery results in fairly high launch and relatively low spin. This is great for distance off the tee, but can lead to inconsistencies with the irons. GI clubs tend to be designed to get the ball up quick and with low spin, further exacerbating my
  7. Specs on my irons are super old-school (50* PW). I like the look and feel of a set pitching wedge vs a specialist wedge more for full shots and that slot in the back is used primarily for full or near full shots. I only very rarely will play a full-ish swing with the SW/LW and and therefor fine with slightly larger gaps. No right answer on proper set makeup and gapping, it’s all about finding what works for you. 9 iron (45*) - 139 yds carry PW (50*) - 127 yds carry SW (55*) - 111 yds carry LW (60*) - 93 yds carry
  8. Yep, MP68s. Just got them back from Doug Oughton who stripped them to raw, got rid of all the wear/tear, and welded in excess stamps/logos.
  9. This thread and some nostalgia led me to this - sent the old blades from high school out for a spa day. Building the other half of the set tonight, can’t wait to get out and put them in the bag this weekend.
  10. Unless you are practicing for several hours a day, I don’t think you’ll wear out anything other than wedges in the every other year timeline. For irons and wedges, the grooves are the only thing that really wears. As a junior, when I was hitting balls for at least an hour a day, much more in the summer, I’d replace my wedges about once a season and wore out the bottom groove of my 7 iron and PW over the course of about 3 years.My range rat days are over and I’d be shocked if I was able to wear out the grooves on a set of irons over the course of a decade. The faces on modern metal wo
  11. I’ve still got a Fujikura Rombax in my driver and three wood. I haven’t hit anything in fittings since that offers a really compelling reason to spend the money and time to make the switch.
  12. I’m think the portion of the film that still is taken from is not slow-motion footage but a computer generated rendering. If I’m right, I wouldn’t trust whoever did the animation to really get what was going on and display everything perfectly.
  13. I've still got a Mizuno MP Titanium from 2010 in the bag. I love the compact package and its as long as anything I've hit in the past decade. Its not the most forgiving club in the world, but I do find it much easier to shape the flight and trajectory. Always tradeoffs I suppose...
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