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  1. Srixon ZX5 vs Callaway Apex irons...how do they compare?
  2. I'm trying to like it, to me the turf interaction on it just doesn't feel as good as the OG PM grinds and I can't quite as crisp of a strike due to it. I was expecting better spin production. I'll give it a few more weeks and maybe it'll click and change my mind.
  3. Callaway X Forged UT vs TaylorMade DHY. Comparisons? Which launches higher and is easier to hit?
  4. What is the most forgiving utility iron that is easy to elevate without excessive offset?
  5. How is the launcher in comparison to the halo?
  6. Anyone still gaming an original Cleveland Halo Hybrid from 2005? Has anyone found anything similar to it that is modern?
  7. Has anyone compared Cobra Forged Tec vs PXG 0311 irons? I would think from TXG's videos they are kind of in the same ballpark performance wise.
  8. PXG GEN4 Irons - Cost aside, are they the best performing irons in golf? I have been playing the Callaway Apex CF19 (CF16 before those). Trying to decide to upgrade to the CF21 or possibly venture out to the PXG line. I prefer a players type performance/distance iron.
  9. Thoughts on the 2? I prefer a high spin ball around the greens with tour ball characteristics. I have been bouncing back and forth with the Snell MTB-x and the Chrome soft.
  10. I currently have the Callaway Apex CF19 irons. I'm considering updating my irons to the CF21's or maybe the PXG 0311P (either Gen 3 or 4). Has anyone had a change to compare these? Ideally I'd like a little more forgiveness and still have the player's club shape and profile with the reduced offset.
  11. Who has been able to compare the new Apex 21 vs the CF19? Regular model not the Pro.
  12. Anyone still gaming the Callaway Epic Forged irons?
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