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  1. How close do you think we are getting now on modern wedges like that MD5 Jaws and other modern wedges vs the old Square groove wedges like the X Tour, X Forged, OG vokey Spin Milled?
  2. How are you liking them so far? What kind of comparisons do you have between those and your old CF16's? Did the variation in length and lie make you need any adjustments?
  3. Has anyone heard if an new PM grind wedge is coming with the MD5 Jaws grooves? That would the $h!+ in my opinion.
  4. Thinking about updating my Callaway Epic SZ driver to the newer Epic Flash. Can anyone give me any feedback between the two?
  5. Anyone compared the Callaway Mavrik fairway woods vs the Epic Flash?
  6. Now that they have both been out awhile, which was better...the original or the CF19?
  7. I don't think it's a matter of hotspots per say, it's almost like they come off dead or mishit or something but yet feel like I pured it. Would the total weight or being 1* flat from my last set play that much havoc?
  8. Has anyone struggled with their Epic Forged irons? I had a set of Apex CF16's previously and hit them very well. 4 handicap for reference. For the first couple week I hit them ok. They were definitely longer distance wise but erratic in distance. It would feel like I hit them the same and get 10yds of variance unexpectedly. Seems like the more I hit them the more erratic my shots are. I know they are 1* flat vs the CF16s and the swing weights are both D2, are the overall weights lighter? I can't quite figure them out. Any ideas?
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