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  1. the "lettered" wedge stamping is my favorite part of his bag. the rest is cool too but those stampings of G S L is so sick.
  2. Rory every year. JT every year. TW every year. Xander has caught my attention
  3. I always see what he’s testing and I am always certain that I won’t see it Thursday AM
  4. Does the face/head shape of the driver and fairway look different to anyone? Or is it just me. It’s usually just me.
  5. I just screenshot these photos and was about to post here. You beat me to it. Go team WRX.
  6. I recently put the diamana ZF in the bag. I am a huge fan and I actually have tensei pro blue in the 3 wood. It’s a great combo.
  7. I saw a video that his swing looks substantially shorter. Protecting the back. Such a good dude and great golfer. Wish him back to form.
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