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  1. Im a big fan. Seems to fit the feel I was looking for. I came from tensei white 60TX and this - at least to me - has the same spin but much better feel for me. I have teNsei blue 80TX in the fairways and those feel amazing. This is just like that but lower spin that the driver needs. Im all in on the ZF. Hope that helps.
  2. Putter is sick. must be trying out new driver combos. But cobra must not be feeling too solid.
  3. Anyone know where to her cool #7 head covers? Doesn’t have to be odyssey specific.
  4. flip of a coin to know how his year turns out. either way, big fan & cool set up.
  5. I think I need a white hot 7s to replace my spider x
  6. How did this work out? I have ZF in my sim. Switching to sim 2 max any day now. Would love to hear your thoughts.
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