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  1. Anyone know where to her cool #7 head covers? Doesn’t have to be odyssey specific.
  2. flip of a coin to know how his year turns out. either way, big fan & cool set up.
  3. I think I need a white hot 7s to replace my spider x
  4. How did this work out? I have ZF in my sim. Switching to sim 2 max any day now. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  5. Let me know about this one. I have a Sim2 heading my way and will pair it with the same.
  6. A few things that have been sitting my old bag in my room for a few years now. Haven’t hit a ball in who knows how long. And that means so much life left in all these. Titleist 710 AP2 3-PW Project x 6.0 Golf Pride Multi Compound Standard 8 iron and PW have GP grip 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 have Adams Golf GP MC Grip Standard length Standard Loft Lie - I think 1 flat? $525 Shipped lower 48 NIKE COVERT 2.0 3 wood - kuro kage "after market" silver tini 70X - 3 wood tipped (not sure exactly) - golf pride tour velvet full cord - original headcover included - $105 shipped (was 125) 5 wood - diamana blue board 0G "after market" 83x. Also known as the TW SPECIAL - golf pride tour velvet full cord - original headcover included - $140 shipped (was 150) ***I WOULD SELL $230 (was 250) for the set. TAYLORMADE M3 3 & 5 wood heads $$SOLD$$ SPIDER X TEXAS HEADCOVER $120 shipped Used for 1 round
  7. the "lettered" wedge stamping is my favorite part of his bag. the rest is cool too but those stampings of G S L is so sick.
  8. Rory every year. JT every year. TW every year. Xander has caught my attention
  9. I always see what he’s testing and I am always certain that I won’t see it Thursday AM
  10. Does the face/head shape of the driver and fairway look different to anyone? Or is it just me. It’s usually just me.
  11. I just screenshot these photos and was about to post here. You beat me to it. Go team WRX.
  12. I recently put the diamana ZF in the bag. I am a huge fan and I actually have tensei pro blue in the 3 wood. It’s a great combo.
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