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  1. I just bought ground passes for Ryder Cup for Saturday and Sunday. For those of you who have been to a Ryder Cup event and is familiar with Whistling Strait, what would be a good location (hole location) to watch these two days? I would imagine that watching individual play on Sunday would be a different experience than four ball or foursomes on Saturday. I’ve never been on Whistling Strait, so I’m not familiar with the course. I like to find a spot and let the players play through me rather than following players hole to hole and usually ending up rows behind a mass of humanity. What’s a good location to place my chair on the ropes (I’ll get there early), but still have the ability to see other holes? I appreciate any advice. Hole 18 doesn’t seem like a great location because I’m sure many golfers will be closed out and not make it to 18. Again…appreciate any advice.
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