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  1. Still want to know if Tiger is the only player to start bogey bogey bogey and go on to win...
  2. Has anyone ever started bogey, bogey, bogey and won a tournament?
  3. > @md1m said: > So you're saying if someone won every tournament of the year, then gets beat by one stroke in the last tournament by the guy who finished 75th, the 75th (or maybe 40th-50th after the win?) best player should be the Champion? Honestly, I don't even watch the finals. I believe the Champion should be the guy who had the best year. Tell that to the 18-1 Patriots
  4. You can't even compare the two. Golf now vs then is just so different. A key difference now? Money. Money. MONEY. Money brought stiffer competition, more pressure and more prestige. I'd even say majors weren't as prestigious back in the day. Jack wasn't chasing records. Why is sneads 82 considered, almost, illegitimate. Tigers 81 is clearly the greatest achievement Strictly from a skill perspective.Jack in his prime would not stack up with today's athletes. Certainty not tiger. 1v1 Tiger would dominate. How many courses did they jack proof? Oh ok
  5. > @Lagavulin62 said: > I don’t think Tiger believes he can win many more majors, or any tournament for that matter. It meant a lot to win one for his kids. And for himself as well. I wonder though if the Masters win came too early? Tiger has never been denied much as far as golf and to win so early after such huge obstacles to overcome, both physically and emotionally, you have to stop and think about where he goes now? Sometimes in life winning too early and often can be a real problem. Hopefully things are going well for him. If Tiger didn't think he could win, he wouldn't play. P
  6. > @"Ronnie Mundt" said: > Not getting in one more tourney before The Open seems strange. Doesn’t help that the Quicken is no more; he regularly played in that even around this time. I understand all that has been said about the “New Tiger” but we’ve got one more major left this year and it will be a bummer if he isn’t in the running. This condensed major schedule has its downside; you blink and it’s over. It feels like any other sport. Seasons come and go. IMO the only negative is we only get tiger for 4/5 Months of meaningful golf
  7. > @ebrasmus21 said: > 150 posts in this thread. My thoughts to
  8. > @"Ronnie Mundt" said: > Keegan Bradley is unbearable. Why
  9. > @Wesquire said: > > @golfnoob25 said: > > Koepka has more missed cuts than tiger career vs career > > Source? Tiger has 19 missed cuts Koepka has 23 or 24
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