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  1. No love for the radspeed? I also upgraded to a radspeed fairway wood and couldn't be more happy with the results. Long, forgiving, easy to hit off the tee & fairway, adjustable, very solid motore stock shaft offering and cheaper than most options. Cobra did a great job this year on the radspeed products.
  2. Ping G25 hybrid. Works great for me. New grip for this year and ready for another couple years.
  3. I really wish Callaway made the new epic with an adjustable hosel. At $299 it should be adjustable like the TSI and 425 fairway or save money and get a rad speed for even less with the adjustable option.
  4. Has anyone had a chance to test the new callaway apex 21 hybrid yet? Looking for some feedback on it.
  5. I switched to Bettinardi this year after playing mizuno for years. They feel like butter. They don't have many grind options but the C grind works well for me.
  6. I've decided to stick with the standard grip on my SS order. I've talked to Bettinardi customer service and a few others and the sink fit standard and jumbo grips are both 72 grams. It will come down to feel and what you are used to.
  7. Check out the Mizuno M craft lineup. Their mid mallet M Craft 5 has maximum toe hang. 355 grams, but also comes with a weight kit to adjust to your liking.
  8. Thanks for the information and TXG review video, good stuff.
  9. Does anyone have experience with their wedges? Pros/Cons
  10. Thanks for the feedback, very helpful.
  11. Is there a big difference in the the standard vs Jumbo grips? Pros & Cons on the Jumbo? I have the standard grip im my 2020 BB8, and planning to order a new studio stock and thought about ordering a Jumbo grip. Unfortunately no Jumbo grip Bettinardis to demo around me.
  12. The new Srixon models looks pretty good and I may find a shop that has them just to hit a hybrid. I am 70 miles from the closest one. I know they have been around for awhile and are affiliated with Cleveland Golf. I don't see many on the course. Do you like them any models I should check out? Thanks.
  13. I switched to a 4 wood this season and that has helped my fairway game. More loft is easier to launch on long par 5's and just as long as a 3 wood off the tee. I should of switched sooner.
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