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  1. Going custom is always an option if you know the specs of what you need. Kari Lajosi makes wonderful heel shafted blades plus the Aussie $ to USD (0.77) exchange rate helps.
  2. j.a.

    4 wood

    Exotics and Callaway have great choices. I have Exotics XCG5 and EXS and Callaway Rogue and an old Xhot, all of them are easy to hit from anywhere
  3. Great around the greens
  4. I don’t understand either. The pívot point are the shoulders however the weight on the grips are between the shoulders and the putter, to effectively counter-balance it should be at the other side of the pivot point. Just thing in a boom like the image below, the red arrow is the counter balance of the camera. It’s just physics but marketing might have twisted physics.
  5. I used Anser style for several years while having a Method wide as well that worked very nice. Then I got a SC Sonoma 2 tha is fantastic, not an Anser, not a mallet. So I got the best of two worlds, a Lajosi DD201WB, a fabulous Anser wide body. Everything was going well until a Bullseye flange arrived to my hands and made such a big impact. Then Kari made me a couple of L-Blades that I’ve been using for the last 3 years. In the past, following the recommendations of a fitter, I used mallets, some of them stupidly big and full of lines. So many people are scared of blades but I found
  6. Please could you share a bit more about your experience with those shafts, I might try them as an alternative to the BGT Stability
  7. I have the Stability shaft in my gamer since 2019. I can see advantages in long putts like improved accuracy. No difference on short putts. Yes, it is expensive but nowadays there are other options more affordable. I’m yet to find here in Australia those alternative shafts and try them.
  8. This video makes a lot of sense to me I don’t use SeeMore, however my Lajosi L-Blade putters are balanced at address and work pretty well
  9. Exotics 3 Woods. My XCG5 is fenomenal and many golfers had raved about them in the day
  10. I got rid of all hybrids and got 5 (Xhot) and 7 (Rogue) woods but in these days I’m trying Srixon Utility clubs that are performing well. I may put back in the bag the 7W as it goes better than the 3U.
  11. So many Cameron and other brands putters are knock-offs of Ping’s.
  12. From all my putters, I prefer the custom made and this is how I use them: Lajosi L-Blade SS with Stability shaft - 80% Lajosi L-Blade CS - 10% Kingston KP1 GSS - 6% Lajosi DD201WB SS - 4%
  13. Oh! Now I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing that I’ll be out of town by the time when is Mizuno day. I may have to change plans then
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