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  1. After those horror stories with your neighbour to the south or cousin countryman, you may remember/consider your fellow Commonwealth guy Down Under
  2. You can find the key and weights on eBay and play with different options. I did that with my Sonoma I that felt a bit lighter however the Monterey and Sonoma II felt better with both 15g. Some people says that heavier is better for slow greens, some other the opposite. I guess you can experiment that for yourself. I agree with the first statement. I found that in the Sonoma II although both weights said 15g, they were different, something like 12g and 18g, that made me try 10g and 20g in the Sonoma I and the results were very good. Toe hang was changed by doing this. in
  3. Bump to bring back those good times when everyone was excited to see @Pure745 amazing flagsticks
  4. There are a few in Kari’s IG: LP454 in GSS satin finish L-blade Titanium Nickel finish L-blade in 303SS L-blade black with deep milling Kari does the milling himself, so it would be a matter of asking if he can make it as rounded as the Cameron.
  5. I have almost twins putters, Lajosi L-blades, one in CS, other in SS, around 360g each
  6. Although I have a dozen of putters, I use the Lajosi L-blade most of the time since 2016 and the backup (currently in my bag) is a Kingston KP1 GSS that I have since 2015 or a Lajosi DD201WB
  7. Kari Lajosi mills everything in house. I’ve been in his workshop whose main business is engineering work. He has fantastic machines that he uses for building complex pieces or putters, that’s why he can do whatever customised request that anyone may have. Kari even forge his own Damascus in house. I have three great putters from him, a DD201WB and two L-blade flange (aka Bullseye flange) one in CS and the second in SS. Contrary to most of you that prefer Byron because he is in the US, I’m in Australia, so for me it’s easier to deal with Kari.
  8. Driver 1 yo 3 wood 8 yo 5 wood 2 mo 7 wood 1 yo Irons 8 yo Wedges 5 yo Putter 6 yo Total 29 yo
  9. Nike forged wedges and the 56° toe sweep, this one is excellent in bunkers
  10. Callaway ERC Soft (until I finish the box) then Chrome Soft Bridgestone B RX
  11. “Our longtime friend” but his name was not mentioned at least by courtesy. There shouldn’t be any excuse for this. https://twitter.com/scottycameron/status/1381388077084463107?s=21
  12. Something different over here, Garsen Max, right size for me and it is anti-yips.
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