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  1. I have 4 SC’s from 2013 and before. He lost me when those aluminium putters came out. I’m still to try the new Select series but with the virus thing, it is “you touch it, you buy it”. Anyway, in the meantime I found boutique putter makers that can produce custom wonders at a much better price.

    GSS is a trademark, it could be German SS, Galactic SS or anything else because those letters are a trademark, not an official acronym. So marketing has a big influence on it with the goal of maximising profits.

    Putters are so personal that it is very difficult to accurately say that you’ll get the best results with a SC or any other. There is a big subjective influence plus many other parameters. Undoubtedly SC had produced beautiful and legendary flatsticks plus the GOAT putter aka Tiger’s which helped the brand. SC will be around for a while, fans will continue buying and speaking about his products and he will continue charging whatever he wants for those gallery items.

  2. I got a couple of Izod Swingflex recently, very nice fabric that dries quickly, great fit plus they are so stretchy that remain tucked all the time. I also got a Uniqlo Dry-Ex that was on sale for AUD 19.90 (USD 13] and was such a pleasant surprise.

    I have used a lot of brands, I like UA, Oakley and FJ.

  3. There are more than 10 companies in Germany producing stainless steel, 303, 304 and 316 are the most popular grades, so rareness is only an excuse of SC to charge heaps more. Also, the recipe of any steel (including stainless) has tolerances in the amount of components used. At the end, it may be the manufacturing process and the heat treatment that makes a difference. For $10k a putter, I wish a CMTR could be provided (Certificate of Material Test Report).

  4. Last year we had in Australia the President’s Cup and many players stayed for the Australian Open and Australasian PGA. These two are held yearly within a week. The PGA has bigger prizes than the Aussie Open but both still a fraction of any PGA tournaments in the USA. I reckon that majors mean money and while any event cannot have more than $10m in prizes perhaps it won’t be considered a major, even though the Players...

    And NO, The Open in the U.K. is not international, it may be traditional, ancient and played in Scotland and England but this doesn’t make it international as Tennis majors are.

  5. I have a Rife and several Methods with grooves. The Nike putters work well on on-centre putts while the Rife is a bit more forgiving as the milling goes across the whole face. But I don’t use them anymore as I found that putters with a great balance at address works much better for me.

    What I never understood is the so called face balanced putters, balanced to the sky? Shouldn’t be balanced at address to avoid unwanted torque while stroking?

  6. Both feels similar, Mavrik has adjustable hosel and Mavrik Max can be set to draw. Rogue doesn’t have those adjustments but they can be found at an excellent price whereas Mavrik is at full price.

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