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  1. I tried the Mavrik and I loved it, big fan of Rogue as well. Ping G410 is great. I bought a Mizuno ST190 5W that I don’t recommend whatsoever.
  2. My Monterey is 34” and the weights are 2 x 15g. The 35” had 10g weights.
  3. Undoubtedly the fitter at that club is not a champion. Negative AoA might sound like me and I got fitted without a problem, not that I need a super special shaft.
  4. I went naked on ball and putters and that helped me a lot. Focus on the putt improves and confidence increases.
  5. The XR16 is a great driver that I tested when it was released but I didn't buy it at that moment, hence I continued until last year with a Cleveland Classic 588 when I tested a Ping G400 SFT and a Rogue Draw. In my case there was a lot of differences. With the new drivers I can hit around 20m more easily and straight finding more fairways and getting much better scores.
  6. This post is well overdue but here it is! Before Christmas I got my new weapon from Kari, a sister putter to my very unique L-Blade flange. The new putter came with steroids, made with a nice St.St. that Kari got from Italy (should I say ISS?), Marine Satin finish, naked (no alignment marks), Stability shaft and a Garsen Max grip. 34", 365g, 3º and the lie, well, I would say between 69º and 71º because the shape of the sole allows to adjust the lie to wherever it is comfy for me. Feel is great, the deep milling makes it soft, almost as good as my carbon steel blade. Long putts is where this s
  7. The interesting thing is that this hat is advertised as Made in Australia, it is offered by Amazon Australia as an "International product from outside Australia" and the brand/vendor is based in Phoenix AZ
  8. @Nixhex524 Wow that’s a clean look beauty, enjoy it!
  9. This happens to me often but actually two guys in my group hit around 280m (310yd). Fore is shouted quite often.
  10. Yes, I’m the only one. There is a guy that knows about the site but never participated in forums.
  11. I hope that guy move to Australia. Great story, so many times I think I build castles of cards that fall down with my tired breath
  12. Courses are downloaded and saved to the phone. I read somewhere that the watch keeps up to 5 in the memory. Anyway, in a new course, you download it before your round, then start the golf app and it will synchronise with the phone. After that, you don’t need the phone anymore.
  13. Different CN milling machines, different operators and who knows if there are different sites making putters.
  14. +1 on the Vivoactive 3. I have it since it was released and previously had the original VA. It gives me the information I need for my rounds plus it can be used for walking, runnin and many other activities. I believe that since I started using them, I had used my rangefinder a couple of times only.
  15. I still have Xhot 5W that is fantastic, the Mizuno couldn’t kick it out of my bag
  16. I love my double CS Lajosi L-blade flange: Centre Shafted, Carbon Steel. Such a simple but effective design. I have seen nice CS mallets from Lajosi and Mannkrafted. I suggest to go for the custom putter way.
  17. I would say a Nike 56° Toe Sweep, great from bunkers or fluffy lies. I used to carry this and a 60° but I replaced it with a 52° as I can hit the 56° open.
  18. The irony is that I got rid of a TEE 3 hybrid that I rarely hit well to get the Mizuno 5W that had been a big disappointment. What hybrid did you get?
  19. I don’t have Seemore putters, in fact I have never had one in my hands. I did the test with all my putters and all the face balanced and the Anser style were open. The only ones that were balanced at address were the Bullseye flange putters that do have 90° toe hang. And yes, I putt the best with the Bullseye flange putters.
  20. I guess these guys have it easy: Rob Wilson who plays in my home club uses everything from Wilson Staff and I know a guy Y. Adams who used to game Adams, not sure what he’s playing in these days. But Scott Cameron doesn’t play golf and was surprised when I mentioned about SC putters
  21. j.a.


    I still use Nike wedges, love the 56° toe sweep but recently while looking for a 52° the only available OTR was a Forged Exotics, It works pretty well. I believed no one never mentioned wedges by Exotics in here
  22. I think the Stability and other similar shafts will help more in keeping the putter stable than that hideous truss. I know the design may not visible at address but it is when you take it out or put it back in the bag ?
  23. Sorry, I don’t get it. Having the CG more to the shaft means a lower swingweight that would be the result of a very light head, something not that common in these days. I suggest you watch the video I posted before. In “face balanced to the sky” the heads have the CG in the centre/back of the putter, that’s why they are vertical with the flat face up. To increase the toe hang, the CG is displaced to the toe, the more displacement, the more toe hang. But on address, the balance is achieved in how the shaft connects to the head, more to the heel with head CG to the back means that the putter wil
  24. You still don’t have a problem, you are in a single digit amount, yet beautiful collection
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