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  1. The Pro Shop of my club had a promotion with free names on new bags, so a bunch of people got it. We play, we exchange cards with handicap info, I had seen In some clubs list of members and their handicaps, results are published with the handicap next to the name but there is an unofficial rule of having a certain handicap to have the name on the bag? It sounds like double digits handicappers shouldn’t be allowed to use blades, Circle Ts, staff bags or a caddy ?
  2. I used to be frustrated all the time as I was not achieving anything. Reading a couple of books by Bob Rotella helped me to have a better mind in the course, set goals and drop most of the BS that kept me frustrated. I deleted from my memory bad shots unless they were somehow funny, I only remember the good moments, great drives, 30m putts and so. Then I got an ace that calmed me down immensely. If I have a bad round, I look forward to the cold beers at the 19th or think that a bad day at golf is better than no golf or staying at home doing whatever home duties. I always find an excuse to go b
  3. I’m still trying to understand the physics of face balanced putters whose face points straight up flat. We don’t hit the golf balls with the putter up to the sky, do we? We need the putter to be stable at address an while stroking and most face balanced putters create some head twist at setup. I don’t have putters from this brand, but this video makes a lot of sense from a physics perspective
  4. Newport with a Newport 2 stamp? Fake. Also the stamp on the face falls to the heel, it’s not parallel to the edges or milling
  5. Actually 48°, 52°, 56° The 56° is a Toe Sweep, easy to open when needed, that’s why I left out the 60° to make room for a 7W
  6. j.a.

    Nike Putters

    There a one or two reviews in this thread ?https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1164653/the-method-thread-never-forget-we-still-rolling-out-here-sick-customs-and-more-no-buy-sell-tr
  7. Love the Monterey, love the California series. My Monterey is 2012, second generation, sea mist finish and deep milling, it’s great. So great that I keep it well preserved. From the first generation, I have a Sonoma and also a Sonoma 2. I wish Scotty May bring back the Californias, after the Special Select, there is hope...
  8. I prefer around 360g, 34”. This simple combination gives me a great feel, good MOI and stability in my stroke Not a fan of counterbalance as it puts the CG higher and somehow reducing the MOI and the swingweight.
  9. That’s a real oldie with a “false pocket” somehow similar to what Brooks Koepka was gaming in Dubai. Nice one. No idea about those dots.
  10. Fake! Please let me know in which rubbish bin you are leaving it ? As mentioned before, it looks it was renovated and refinished by a third party. It looks real and the proof are the comparison pictures above.
  11. Indeed, I’m looking forward to roll a Special Select whenever they arrive to Australia. It seems that it will be somewhere in March. Most comments are very positive as yours are.
  12. Looks good to me. I had one of them, it looked exactly as yours, this is what I had:
  13. I haven’t seen that many Toulon putters out there, but I like old Scottys, not those with aluminium insert. But at the end, nothing beats any of my Lajosi’s
  14. Thatś good news as I neglect to find a replacement to my TEE XCG5, as a matter of fact I found another 3W in good shape that will be home soon. Currently in Australia the EX10 is still quite expensive, actually more than the 2019 EXS. I hope that the EX220 won come priced as jewelry
  15. Clickgear 3.5, itś very nice and folds very compact
  16. j.a.

    3/4H - 7w

    My 7W has the stock regular shaft which is an Aldila Synergy 60
  17. j.a.

    3/4H - 7w

    I’m not a long hitter either. I replaced the 3H with a 5W and the 4H with a 7W. I’m more consistent and accurate with the woods than the hybrids. In my case it was a great decision that I improved my second shots on long Par 4 and Par 5. I can get around 175m with the 5W and around 160m with the 7W. Both woods are Callaway, the 5 is an old XHot and the 7 is a Rogue. I can hit both of them well from either the tee and the turf. Last Friday I tested the Mavriks, very nice, easy to hit. Ping G410 is great as well.
  18. Rick Shiels tested the Mavrik family:
  19. Interesting comments. On Friday I only tested the Mavrik 5W Max in a demo day at my home club. It was great. I didn’t try to test the driver because I got 2 drivers recently, a Ping G400 STF and a Rogue Draw over the last weekend. By the time I got the Ping (4 months ago) I tested all the G410 and the G400 Max. Best performing was the SFT so I decided to go with the G400 as it was a better deal. I’ve been very happy with that club as finally the dreadful slice is gone. On the other hand, the Rogue was in the bargain bin, ex-demo, so I grabbed and played a practice round together with the G400
  20. Yeah, there are some clubs that worked well on over 100mph swings, I mean heads + shafts. My ST190 5W has the Atmos 6 Red whereas the Cally XHot 5W has a Project Xv, both are stock shafts and regular. Definitely launch is higher on the Cally but the balls from the Mizuno run like a rabbit but less distance than the old club that can go around 175m ~ 180m
  21. But a “clever” trademark phrase that allowed SC to add a zero to the prices and make heaps of money. By the way, that false pocket design is interesting, it might allow more weight tho the sides for increased forgiveness. It should produce a nice sound though.
  22. I love my TEE XCG5 3W that I have since new, it had survived use and abuse all these years, I can hit it from everywhere and it goes almost as long as my driver. There was one in pretty good shape on eBay but I is coming home ? My 5W is a Callaway XHot2 that is very good from everywhere, I have hit the Rogue an Mavrik as well with impressive results, although Mavrik is new in the market. Ping G410 is a great option. If lucky, you still can get a brand new Rogue at a very nice discounted price
  23. I had a SC Del Mar that didn’t worked well. I do prefer putters that looks more or less symmetrical at address.
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