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  1. It works, especially in long lag putts, I’m now more accurate and the ball ends with in 1 ft or in the hole. I like the feel.
  2. The shots where I made good contact were where the ball went farther but mostly rolling. I must hit it using different tee height and see how it goes. Honestly I don’t like the black finish on the sole, it feels that the paint or finish will go shortly. That’s what I like of my old TEE XCG5 that after years of use and abuse, it looks still good.
  3. Interesting comments from everyone, thanks so much. Yesterday there was a multi brand demo day at my home club, I tried a Srixon 5W and couldn’t hit it, it was somewhat frustrating. Then I walked to the Callaway tent, grabbed a Mavrik 5W and everything worked, the ball went airborne easily and to a decent distance. Both clubs were hit from the turf. I couldn’t test the Ping G410 as the guy was busy with a fitting but weeks before I used a 3W that worked fine. I have no problems with my TEE 3W and the Rogue 7W. The first doesn’t go that high but is almost long as my driver. I’ll insist with th
  4. So I took a bunch of clubs I didn’t use and made a deal for a brand new Mizuno ST190 5 wood and other stuff in a nearby shop. The club looks great, in store test was very good and came home. The idea was to replace an old Callaway 5W XHot2 that works very well. Yesterday I took it to the course and I couldn’t hit it from the turf, my best shot went like 120m and lift was around 1ft, very disappointing. At the end, I took it to the range with similar results. What has been your experiences with this model? In the meantime the XHot2 is back to the bag.
  5. I wish I could have more time to practice and improve my golf, but work travelling makes it very hard. Achieved goals? Yes, I have won several competitions, I had a hole in one, I got NTP a few times but still my golf is like rollercoaster, now I’m in the process to find the best configuration for my long game, improve my grip and swing and shave a few shots from my handicap.
  6. +1 on the Srixon U series (45, 65, or 85)
  7. You may want to have a look to Lajosi’s sensor
  8. One of my best purchases in 2019 was a Callaway Rogue 7W. Sits great, easy to hit and I got it in a great deal as it was soon to be superseded
  9. I play better with mid to cheap golf balls, so no dramas in my side, however a guy I play with, search desperately his TP5-X every time he has a bad shot “as they cost too much”
  10. My concern is not PXG, it’s the traditional club manufacturers that might copy this business model and increases the prices to such level that people will drop golf as it might be too expensive.
  11. Nothing like playing a well known course, you learn its tricks, strengths and weaknesses. A new course is a new experience unless you are playing with someone that tells you its secrets
  12. I bought what I needed to buy, not new releases but heavily discounted 2019 woods like a brand new Mizuno ST190 5W for $0 after old clubs trade in ??
  13. I stopped believing in GD hot list ages ago when I realised how subjective was and objective methods were not clearly explained
  14. From time to time FootJoy has a demo day at my home club and of course, they do shoe fitting. Every time I get a new pair with a special discount. They always have something for my super wide feet.
  15. How difficult is to understand that it is not the arrow, it's the indian! The person that putts the best in my home club uses an old $10 brass putter he bought in a flea's market. Perhaps he bought it at Ollivanders, where Harry Potter got his magic wand The only time I was fitted, I got a big mallet face balanced with horrible alignment lines, DART, I believe it was... Regardless how recognised the fitter was, I wasted my money in the fitting and putter. Then I got an Anser style putter and everything went good. Now I use a Bullseye Flange style and results are heaps better. Of course, I inve
  16. Perhaps he lost the “Eye of the Tiger” as had been said in Rocky III. He’s a major winner, achieved #1, etc. Every time he came to Australia he had a great year, he won a couple of Australian Open, he was still and unknown player the first time here, he walked The Australian without protection or crowds following him except me ? Nice young bloke at that time. His last round was memorable with a 63. Hopefully he recovers and have better performances in 2020.
  17. Interesting that the G.O.A.T. doesn’t have any of those famous and expensive Scotty’s marketing (and registered trademarks) stamps like GSS, Circle T or “For Tour Only”. Instead, it features “Tiger Woods” and the most valuable item, that amazingly worn sweet spot!
  18. None. When I buy, I have a look between last year models that are around 50% cheaper...
  19. I alternate my 5W and 3H when one of them stops working but in these days, the 5W doesn’t want to leave the bag. The other clubs I swap are Putters. If it is dry, I take the CS putter out, when is wet, the SS putter is in the bag, both are the same model. From time to time, I put an Anser style on play.
  20. TEE XCG5 3 wood, it has been there since released back in 2012
  21. That’s for real, that photo was from either Scotty website or TCC back in 2014, I don’t remember. Those are real gems, the putter had a ridiculous price and perhaps is only good for hanging it on a wall. This one is $9K, released yesterday in the gallery. It’s sold now but still there is a Newport 2 Timeless available in $4, should you be interested ? https://www.scottycameron.com/gallery-store/Gallery-Putters.aspx
  22. Those Scottys at $8K and more might have a few ticks from the list. I only have the pictures ?
  23. Mate, I understand your point and I complained to both as their prices are easy to find in overseas shops but here in Oz, none of the shops are allowed to publish the prices. It’s stupid in these days but it happens. I like Ping and I had a few clubs I got from the bargain barrel but since I got my G400 driver, my game had improved heaps. I only will support you on Titleist clubs although I have to admit that I have FJ apparel and a few Scottys ? And yes, we do pay more than anyone anywhere. Yes, we have the GST added to the price while in the USA sales tax is not included but the weak Aussie
  24. I arrived late to the Sunfish coupon. Looking forward to next one ?
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