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  1. Yes, we got the so much needed rain, perhaps the problem now is flash flooding.
  2. It’s been some time since an OTR putter caught my attention, so I’ll keep ordering custom putters as in this way I can get what I wish. I’m in Australia and obviously it’s so easy to grab a phone and call Kari Lajosi.
  3. I alternate TEE EXS 3 hybrid with a Callaway XHot2 5W, hybrid goes higher and 5W slightly longer. When one stop working, the other comes to the bag and viceversa. Most of the times I get better results with the 5W.
  4. For example like in here, particularly in 0:38
  5. I love Bullseye putters and although I have a Scotty, my gamer is a Lajosi whose L-Blade is extraordinary. I do keep checking the bay from time to time and I had noticed that the Acushnet Bullseye are still well priced but not in great condition. The Scottys in mint condition are indeed very expensive. With mallets so popular in these days, I don’t think Scotty or any other manufacturer will produce an OTR Bullseye. Yes, it’s an amazing and simple design that works well for me. Kari Lajosi had made two putters for me and next time I’m interested in another, I’ll knock his door again.
  6. I do have 3 x woods in my bag, all from different models. I hit them quite good. 3 wood is a TEE XCG5, absolutely fantastic, best club in my bag. The 5 wood is a Callaway X-Hot 2 and the 7W is a Callaway Rogue, both very forgiving and easy to hit. I have tried to standardise to a single brand/model but not that easy on clubs not available anymore.
  7. Edit the scorecard? I’m interested as I haven’t found how to do it yet. Please let me know how to do it, because that’s one of everyone complaints in Garmin forums.
  8. Too many lines, not a fan of the triple track. Naked is better.
  9. Good point and I agree completely. Anser style putters have a decent size sweet spot which make them forgiving. One of my regrets is not buying a 2014 Newport which I tried and worked so nice, it was clean, no alignment marks and minimalist. I do have several Anser style sticks and I look forward to see the new models in person, I saw other photos from other angles and they look better. The best part is no inserts whatsoever.
  10. Well, this is not the only putter out there. For example, I have three of them with clean faces that I will gladly use instead
  11. I just love them. I have three.
  12. I can’t be happier with my Lajosi’s L-Blade Flange putters that are Kari’s interpretation of the Bullseye, very forgiving, easy to align despite that they don’t have any lines or dots. The flange increases the MOI, so it’s an upgraded Bullseye or the best of two worlds in what you’re looking for.
  13. The last time I checked my Scotty Bullseye flange, it still was a putter. Anyway, I’m happy I can get them from Lajosi
  14. I hate how most manufacturers are increasing the size of their logos, I believe everything looked promising with this line until I saw the face, the font almost covers the sweet spot. Yes, I know it cannot be seen from address but the putter should be cleaner, especially the face.
  15. We need a new ball that can avoid water, sand and trees automatically
  16. I have an old Callaway XHot2 5W 19°, a TEE EXS 3H 19° and a Srixon 3U 20° with R stock shafts. Both W & H go around the same distance with the hybrid launching higher and the wood going lower and rolling more. The 3U go around 5 to 10m shorter but is accurate, sometimes I believe I don’t have a swing speed fast enough to make the 3U work better. So, my favourite amongst the three of them is the 5W. In my last round it was amazing, I found the hybrid a bit wild, perhaps as I feel I can not get a good alignment easily but when I nail it, I’m impressed with the results. The 3U has been out of
  17. Oh! I was going to do same upgrade but I’ll keep my old XCG5 Best: Ping G400 SFT, Lajosi L-flange with Stability shaft and Rogue 7W Not that worst: TEE EXS 3h, I’m not that consistent with it and brought my old 5W back to my bag
  18. j.a.

    Cameron Kool aide

    I store my spare putters in a fishing rod stand which is the closest thing to the stand used in some shops. They hold up to 16 putters and are a lot cheaper than any bag
  19. After trying several mallets I went to a semi mallet, an Anser wide body, an Anser and finally to a Bullseye flange naked which gives me the best results. This minimalist shape with no alignment marks make me focus more on the line and distance while providing very good forgiveness on off centre putts. In this days a mallet looks too big to me.
  20. It looks like there is something strange with those values as my swing speed is around 90 mph and my drives go 220 to 250 yds with my Ping G400 SFT with stock R shaft (yep, I was fitted to that one). I never been a long hitter, with my previous driver I was around 205yds in the best case. I’ve noticed that the ball makes a difference when in the course, my best results had been with the Titleist Tour Soft. A guy who plays with me has similar swing speed than you, he uses a G400 with yellow Hzrdus and hits 300 yds quite often, he also plays the Tour Soft.
  21. On the 31st I tried a couple of Srixon Utility Irons which I liked and ordered. I’ll get them tomorrow so not sure if this counts or not lol
  22. This one! Lajosi L-Blade Flange in St.St. Twin sister to another putter in CS that had been me well for a couple of years.
  23. Shove 5 shots from my handicap, then I’ll see if I get new irons
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