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  1. I have two Lajosi L-Blade Flange putters although one is in CS and the other in SS
  2. Of course you’ll get all sort of comments and suggestions here, but keep in mind that putting is very personal and what is best for some people is not for others. in my experience, Garsen grips helped me to fix the yips. I use the Max model in most of my putters. It’s cheaper than changing a whole putter. If you still decide to replace the putter, I suggest to go to a Pro Shop that let you test the putter in the practice green, it would be the closest to use the putter in real conditions.
  3. Yep, I have read “Get fit” heaps of times here and now the horror stories are coming out. I still remember when I got fit for a Odyssey Dart because face balanced and alignment lines were “the best” for me. Wrong, wrong... in these days I use a Bullseye type putter without any marks and it works perfectly. I got fit for an expensive Nike Covert driver that was 20m shorter than my Cleveland DST driver, wrong again... Lucky me I found another Cleveland driver in the bargain barrel for $100 and happy days again.
  4. Tons of videos out there, this is one of them, I hope it helps. https://youtu.be/GhKr6Y8NHGoPlease note that sometimes Paul Wilson’s videos are sort of infomercials but there is still good info in there.
  5. I use a Nike 56° Toe Sweep, great for bunkers or fluffy lies. I open it as much as I need. Yep, I know they are not available anymore but I have a few spares for the future, not for sale.
  6. I have a good amount of myopia and astigmatism, normally I use progressive glasses but for golf I switch to single vision with Transitions lenses or contacts. Those Transitions lenses get dark in bright sun and light on cloudy days, when fully activated, they are brown to reddish which are great on the course. I simply can’t putt well with progressive lenses. When I’m wearing contacts, I use Bollé Golf sunglasses, this is the combination I prefer although I need the reading glasses to see the card ?
  7. The two first instructors I had were terrible, first one just looked to what I was doing without saying what to fix, no added value in the lesson whatsoever. Second instructor put bandaids, fix a thing or two until I had a good shot but never fixed anything completely. Then a slightly better coach came, but he wanted to fix everything with a chipping technique. Finally found a great coach that helped me to shove 10 shots of my handicap.
  8. TEE XCG5 3 wood 15°, unbeatable! The club I trust the most in my bag
  9. Pretty cool experience! I’m yet to find and try an Evnroll putter, they are rare in my city in Australia. I do have a Rife Aruba from the time when Guerin still had the company. It’s a nice putter, Anser style.
  10. A couple of Australian PGA Championships (2012 & 2013), a couple of Australian Open (2012 & 2014) and a Ladies Australian Masters (2014). Funny thing was that in 2014, most people was following Rory and Adam Scott in the Australian Open and only a few followed the relatively unknown Jordan Spieth who won and then he had a great 2015 season.
  11. I attended twice, the last time when Jordan Spieth won it for the first time at The Australian. It was good fun watching him, Rory and Aussie top players but this year I guess the President’s cup looks way more interesting.I may go to the PGA in Gold Coast that is at a driving distance, this is currently the tournament with the biggest prize money over here.
  12. Golf requires time, time to practice and time to play however time is something scarce in these days due to family or/and work commitments.
  13. I tried the Ping Ketsch and more recently a SC Phantom X8 that looks like a version of the Ketsch, both it were awesome but my eyes didn’t get used to the big footprint of a mallet, so I’m still using blades and occasionally the mid mallets SC Sonoma I & II
  14. In addition to what had been said, the T inside the circle is bigger than usual
  15. This is a very nice putter! I remember the Protype Series from a few years ago, there were a couple in a nearby Pro Shop but price was high, close to SC and at that time I couldn’t afford it. Sorry, I cannot help saying if this is a tour putter or not but definitely it is a gem imho
  16. If tats would be a problem mu home club would be empty... Somewhere here there is a thread with a guy with a Circle T logo tat on his leg and SC at his side
  17. > @1Mordrid1 said: > Yup it is a horrible ball based on the price and what it was supposed to do. Of course when it was released there was plenty of titleist fans saying it was their utopia ball, and the best spinning non urethane ball ever. You don't hear or see much of that anymore. I don’t find it that horrible. I bought a sleeve and I was surprised with the good results, it performed better than the B330RX I was using. > > In reality there were quite a few non urethane balls from other brands that out performed the Tour Soft for a lot less $$. In fact Titleist's own n
  18. Most recommendations are quite good and the best is to buy a few sleeves of each and test them to see what suits your game. I also would say try the Titleist TruFeel, cheap, long and hold on the greens, it’s an amazing golf ball.
  19. I tried the Hi-Toe but it didn’t convince me to kick out the Nike Toe-sweep from my bag, this thing is wonderful from bunkers and fluffy lies, I’m happy I have a few brand new to replace my gamer
  20. Ugly or not, it will be in the bag if it performs!
  21. That article is more an infomercial than anything else, at least it starts with “I get paid to” Fine point? Yep, there is a Sharpie with fine point.
  22. Most of the times it is not easy to select a putter as you have to tick so many boxes. Both models you mentioned have heaps of fans but it will be you and only you that will see and feel what it’s right for you. I had putters that in the store worked amazingly, then I learned how some shop’s putting greens are dodgy to influence the purchase lol. Also a couple of times I got fitted to putters that didn’t work on the course, yes, wasted money. If you have the opportunity, test the putters in a golf club practice green, putter must be comfortable to your eye and easy to align with a good
  23. > @MizunoMade said: > Can't understand why it is so disliked, I get the purists but they are missing out. > It’s great that this putter works for you. Scotty lost me with those kind of inserts. The open wings in this model are distracting to me. A wide blade would suit my eye and alignment better.
  24. Lots of nice non-insert putters out there. Studio Select are great. California Monterey is a nice alternative to the Newports. At this stage, how 2020 models will be is just speculation.
  25. I hit a Callaway 56º PM grind a couple of weeks ago. Amazing wedge, I had the same impression than you. I believe the design is quite similar although the PM is bigger.
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