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  1. [quote name='MrParr1Noid' timestamp='1360468900' post='6397819'] I was a big [size=4] [/size][size=4]MP-14 and MP-33 guy but since I've gamed the MP -59? These are my absolute favorite Mizuno irons to date. For me, they're that good...[/size] [/quote] Yes! MP-59 are my favourite too
  2. I went for shopping a 3 wood few weeks ago. I tried Ping, Adams, Cleveland and Nike Covert which was my favourite, however I chose an Exotics XCG5 (last year model), pretty good club and I got it almost half the price of the new ones.
  3. Adams has a big name on its own, it doesn't deserve to be changed or downgraded in any way IMHO.
  4. I haven't tried the new series yet but let me tell you that my 3 a12OS is as long as my Cleveland 3 wood but easier to hit from the tee or from the turf. According to Adams the Super Series is better yet.
  5. Since I saw Volvik in Golf Digest's Hotlist I got interested. But the problem was: Is it available in Australia? Finally this week my search is over. I found a store carrying the Crystal in several colours but quite pricey. At least they guy sold me 6 orange balls after bargain a little. Yesterday I played my round with this colourful ball. The majority of the players in my Club are seniors that only use white balls. I'm a kind of weird because I use yellow Srixons or Bridgestone E6. Anyway, I put the orange Volvik on the tee, I hit it with the driver and it has a such nice and shiny fligh
  6. I've used Mojo by Nike, around $35 for a box of 24 balls. Great distance, nice around the greens and feels good on putting. IMHO it's a good value for the money and perhaps underrated.
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